Comeback Avalanche VS Original Avalanche?

Which do you like better? I’m not asking because i want to buy one or the other, (as i have both) I’m just wondering your Opinion. My vote goes to the OG.

What is an ‘OG’ Avalanche?..

Original Gangsta

like, not the comeback avalanche.



I’m not sure if it’s the bearing or what. I know CLYW had to go back to the proverbial drawing board since the original CAD stuff was lost or destroyed or something. Since the original Avalanche was based on the Sasquatch anyways, they went back to the Sasquatch stuff and re-did it. The new one does play different, but not in a bad way. I am wondering how much it has to do with going to a stock CBC centertrac instead of those flat bearings CLYW uses.

You can easily get(well, maybe) a Comeback Avalanche. You’ll enjoy it. I have both. They are both great.

they do both play great, but i personally like the more solid feel of the Original version.

There were like 4 runs of Avas before the Comeback.

And each of those runs played slightly differently due to different machinists/machines/techniques/whatever. You can notice this in the 3rd run. The nipple has a slight ridge on it.

i knew there where different runs of ava’s before the comback, but i tried every run, and they all seemed to play the same to me. Maybe im just an idiot though, lol

Which run is the Matterhorn? Those are my favorites!


I have yet to try a Comeback but I think I’ll like the original better because I like the weight.

I don’t have an OG but the new one is one of my favorite throws of all time.

I have had three Avalanches and 2nd run and come back are super close (I even went half and half for a day). I like them all come back will have less chance of the old CLYW vibe I hear so much about but have never experienced due to redesign and machining (I believe). Either way both fantastic and similar.

No preference. My second run Avalanche has been my favorite throw since I bought it so I guess it still is. My comeback Avalanche I love because it’s more of the same. They’re both wonderful.