Avalanche differences

I owned a bushman Avalanche as my first clyw. I loved it. However I hated the colorway so I sold it. I got another Avalanche that is purple with a baby blue speckle. It just doesn’t seem as great to me. Do you guys think it’s just the initial “omg I got a clyw” that made me like the bushmans or do you think it’s because a difference in what run it was from?

It could be a combination of both. Having tried the majority of runs of Avalanches, I definitely felt a distinction between all of them.

This makes me wonder what run ive got. I LOVE it! Pete the Purple Squirrel <3

Would you be able to identify what run the bushman’s would be? Any ideas what other colorways would be in that run or just general time period?

That is one of my favorite colorways!

Could definitely be the run.
The OG Avalanches were 65.7
The comeback was/is 67.2g

Not much, but it certainly makes a difference.

When I’ve gone a while without throwing I’ll use heavier Side-Effects on my throw to make it harder to land speedy tricks. That way, once I’ve gotten back into my groove, when I switch to the lighter ones I’ll play super smooth and more rhythmic.

You should be able to tell from the box art. But this is only to tell the difference between og and comeback. You would have to do a little research to determine the runs on the og’s.

I forgot to say the reason for the weight change was because when Chris decided to do the comebacks he had lost the cad files for the og’s.

I asked over on their Ask.fm and my question "What were the main differences between the OG Avalanche and the Comeback Avalanche? " and it was just answered.

Heres my box (that sounds dirty!)

That’s the comeback art.

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Thanks for that!

Here it is in all its glory!

That is VERY similar to one I have…“everyberry” colorway avalanche  ;D

It’s a good chance that since yours is speckled that is an original. Mine is purple with green speckles and it’s an og second run. I could be wrong but it seems like the comebacks were predominantly splashes. So if you started with a heavier comeback and then later started throwing a lighter one it would seem off to you.

Okay! Thanks! Maybe I’ll try to get a comeback one again and try that :stuck_out_tongue: we’ll see what happens :wink: