Is this Comeback or OG?

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Just wondering if this is a comeback avalanche or an OG one. I’m thinking comeback because of the way it plays but I know all of you experienced CLYW connoisseurs will know exactly by the engraving. :wink:

Darn, what was I thinking. THis is supposed to go in looking for help/recommendation.

Noob moment :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe if it heavy and yu have another and its lighter, you may tell which is OG


Comeback for sure. Only the comebacks had that engraving for the fools gold.


I was trying to tell him this, he would not believe me, thats what you get noah!



No, all the ill vibes were from an old run that all had vibe so Chris had them sitting in his garage for a long time before they ran them as FG. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure thats what happend.
EDIT: Just asked on CLYW ask fm will respond again when I get an answer

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I did later that day because of the way it played lel. Although now according to Zen I guess we’ll have to wait and see…


First time I hear anything about this. I still doubt it.


That’s what I heard too actually, Chris still had a bunch of left over older vibey Avalanches, engraved them fools gold, and sold them like that. BTW, who’s that a picture of in your signature lol


I think OG for the same reasoning as zen. I’m pretty sure that the FG run that they had were the original Avalanches.

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Are you hearing this mod man? :wink:

Although recently myself I thought it was comeback too, so… lol