Difference between OG and New Avalanche?


Hey guys I was just curious about this since I can’t seem to locate anywhere what the difference was between the OG and New Avalanches. I picked up a FG Ava on the forums and while I think it is a New Avalanche, I wanted to be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Happy throwing guys :slight_smile:


The fools gold avalanches are the ones that have vibe…
The OG avalanches are the first of the avalanche
And then I THINK clyw lost the CAD files for the OG so then they had to make the New Avalanche. The specs are a lil different from the OG…?
someone correct me if im wrong


Well Fools Gold is just the name for clyw’s B-grades. But you may be correct, I just can’t seem to pinpoint any major differences between the OG and the New just from pictures



They did lose the CAD file and started over

Having owned FG and regulars of both I think I like the OG better
(Dont know why)

Theyre easy to tell woth the FGs
The originals had just the pickaxes
The new own has the Fools Gold inscription around the hub

With the A grades youd have to go by color ways to find out


Yeah I play my fools gold more then the OG and NEW Avalanche
It’s the specs that are different by a bit because they tried to get the same weight and shape