Virtue by Zammy. Last 1A clipvideo of 2012.

(Zammy Ickler ) #1

Zammy presents: Virtue

Originally, this particular video was only made in order to pass the time and get some of the new material I had after being inspired by some great players in the community. But due to a number of throwers out there requesting to see it, I re-vamped it a bit with new angles and thus this creation happened.

This video was incredibly tough to make due to it being done around 1-ish am with a temperature of 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit. So my fingers were numb, I was shaking in the core and had to keep fighting to try and finish it.

Inspired from Michael Kurti, Graeme Stellar, Paul Dang and Jt Nickle…


NOICE!!! Loved it. What’s the song?


Great video, I always love watching you your such an amazing player and a inspiration to my playing
Quick question: do you have a moebius tattoo on your arm


Zammy, you’re getting a bit too good.


Zammy, you’re getting a bit too good.

Happy Zammy?? :smiley: :smiley:

(Jerrod) #6




(Zammy Ickler ) #8

The song is called “Piano vs Violin by Drawoh”.

Thanks for watching. Yeah, I guess I am an okay yoyoer. Yes, that is the Moebius logo art that was drawn by Whip tattooed on my arm.

Are you freaking serious?

Seems a few people fancy that trick…


Are you freaking serious?
Yes Zammy, I am. I posted the same thing twice. But let me just go back and write it again. :smiley:

(Zammy Ickler ) #10

Well, thanks for watching this and stuff guys…



This is awesome.

How did I miss this?

Truly an inspiration.