Virtual yoyo club

Hey yoers i was just wandering for the people that dont have yoyo clubs in there area maybe including me may want to make a virtual one… like one youtube account or facebook group what ever of the kind… Comment if your interested. ; :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Do we get to eat virtual pie?

Do we get virtual yo-yo’s?

I don’t see how this is useful for someone like me. I want to get out and actually meet people. I want to get help. I want to help people.

Videos can only go so far. What I like to do at my meets is that other people show up, they can learn to yoyo. People who CAN yoyo can try stuff they don’t otherwise have access to. Hands on help, hands on learning. Share, play, enjoy. Plus, it’s my chance to get out of the house for a little bit.

I don’t see how someone can try my Peak or Chief or Albatross or Royale or whatever else I have without being there.

It might work if everyone got into a tinychat call. But I dunno some people are weird.

…isn’t that why forums are here for?

Well… Some of you are right and i do like the idea to actually meet people. You see i live in CN MB Winnipeg and all the people i meet never seen a metal yoyo and some of them dont even know what rock the baby is any ways if any of you are intersted just reply.

I know the feeling, sort of. I know there’s a bunch of people around here throwing yoyos. They cleared out the ProZ’s at the nearby Toys R Us once I mentioned here that these exist. I think most people are “closet throwers”.

I’m not great. I’m not even good. I’m not even decent. In fact, I’m kinda bad. I don’t care. It’s still more enjoyable meeting others and throwing.

But as someone mentioned, that’s pretty much what the forum is: a virtual club.

I totally understand OP I also live in Canada but the town I live in has a huge population of 1500 people. I have tried to infest the town as much as possible. But still haven’t found any great throwing partners. Though I do not know how a virtual club would work? :-\

i think the only way this would work is if you…