Vigilante - not a review - but a thought

This nit a “review” as much as it is a first impression…

So I got my YYJ Vigilante today… let me say it’s a great little throw, as a whole… it is like a smaller DM2 (little different, but not much… but I’m no expert)…

While I like how it feels, it is a little lighter than I normally like, it spins along nicely - but my criticism is more on the caps than anything else - and I’m interested in knowing if this is true with other YYJ throws - but it just feels cheap. They’re super thin, and feels like if you put any pressure (for what ever reason, maybe just gripping it or shoved in the pocket with your keys) it would crack in a split second.

My only other experience with YYJ are my DM2’s and Unleashed’s - the DM2 caps does feel a bit flimsy, but they’re titanium compared to these ones. I’ve seen pics of the Chaser and others that look similar to the Vigilante, but have never held them - so can anyone compare the Vigilante caps to other YYJ caps?

And a quick side note - YYJ’s bearings; they have YYJ stamped/etched into them, rather than being smooth - has this ever caused a problem for anyone, such as extra wear on the string - I realize it’s really shallow - but I replaced my DM2’s bearings before I ever noticed the engraving, or really had a chance to see if it made a difference…

The etch on the bearing shouldn’t cause any problems. When the yoyo is sleeping, the outer race (with the etch) remains stationary. So there is no friction between the bearing and string.

you can get the caps out with a suction cup. if not, use a knife or screwdriver to punch a hole in it and then use leverage. make sure you want to do that before you do though.

I have a chaser and the caps on that seem pretty tough. i would use duct tape to remove the caps. just dont touch the design or lettering as it takes the paint off.

I did this for my vigilante, but none of the paint came off

Well i havent actually tried it with a vigilante but it did take a bit of paint off my atmoesphere.