Should I get a Vigilante?

It has been a while since yoyojam released the Vigilante and it has always been one that inspires curiosity within me. I love the shape, it kind of reminds me of a Ronin. The weight is good and I even like the colour. I have never been a big fan of side caps and I normally remove them within a few minutes of play and I probably would with this one too, if they can be taken off easily anyway.

There have been very few reviews of this throw and it isn’t one that I hear a lot of people talk about, so is it any good?

If any of you have one or have played one, I would love to hear what you think of it.

I asked just about the same question some time back. I got a few people telling me that it was fairly unstable, but I bit the bullet and went ahead and got one anyway. After seeing Mikhail’s modified version (lime green, capless, with polished rims), I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve since polished mine and also removed the caps, and it plays just as good as it looks. It is quick and light, but still lets you know its there. It moves through the air smoothly, and I’ve never had any issues with stability. It’s hard to describe how it plays because IMHO, its pretty unique. It can easily handle anything I can throw at it, and it is my favorite YYJ so far… I haven’t played too many YYJs, but still.

With that being said, I know it’s not for everyone. But if you like the design and the size, and the price isn’t a big deal, go for it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Its funny that hardly anyone has a review for it.

Do you have a photos of your one? I haven’t seen any photos of the lime green one before and I would love to see it without caps, only if you don’t mind though.

I’m afraid I don’t have any quality pictures of mine, but this is the prototype that makes my mouth water. Mine is quite similar, but not nearly as pretty. lol. Mine is a little more yellow than green, but it may also be the photograph and the lighting. Either way, I believe some sites list it as yellow, while others list it as green. Whether or not mine is the same color as this one is kind of a mystery, but either way it’s a a very nice color, especially when the caps are removed and the light is allowed to shine through.

Man, that is one good looking throw!

It looks really nice in green and I always prefer yoyojams without the caps. I think you have sold it to me, I am getting one. I hope they stock them in yoyoexpert.

Thanks for your help!

When I get one I’ll write a review of it.

No problem, man. Let me know how it works out :]