Yoyojam Vigilante review

Recentley I ordered a yoyojam vigilante. It was one of those yoyos, for me, that when you first see it you think, I MUST HAVE THIS YOYO!!! It just looked awesome to me. Unfortunately, at that time I did not have enough money buy it. However, after several months I finally own this yoyo, and I am reviewing it.
To me this yoyo just looks awesome. The plastic on mine is a semi-translucent dark blue that looks very good paired with the shiny silver rims. Also, I just love the caps. The design seems to have a simplistic elegance to it. In the hand the yoyo is very comfortable. The “guts” of the yoyo are the now standard yoyojam silicone o-rings and solid spin axle system.
This yoyo is very smooth. There is only an extremely small amount of vibe that is only noticeable if looking for it. It is not noticable while playing the yoyo. Grinds are suprisingly decent for a yoyojam metal-plastic hybrid, though there is not much room for a thumb grind, even with the caps off. It has plenty of spin time and is quite stable, though the stability is not exactly a “rock solid” stable, it is more of an “agile” or “flexible” kind of stable. It is hard to put into words.
With the caps on, it feels like it is a bit heavier than 63 grams, with a slightly floaty kind of feel to it. It seems to prefer a medium speed. However, if you take the caps off, it has a fast and loose sort of feel to it. For a high walled yoyo, horizontal tricks are suprisingly good.
Other notes
One time the yoyo fell off my kitchen table. When I picked it up it seemed fine, not a scratch, but when I threw it was quite vibey and wobbly. Upon closer inspection I found that the metal rim was coming off the plastic slightly. I pushed it back together together and it was back to playing perfectly. I have not had this problem since then.
Overall I have found this to be a very fun yoyo to play, and would highly recomend it.