Views on Henrys yoyos?

This is just a random topic, I got back into yoyoing using a Tiger Snake and was wondering what everybody thought about the brand in general.

Well they have a new designed line out, that I don’t know many who have played it.
The newer ones play very good, I like them a lot. The older ones left something to be desired for me. But where popular in their time.
I put them in with yomega where they are making positive changes but still insist on treading outside the norm. Normaly I would like this but hey are not making it super easy. funny thing though I plan on buying one possibly today. lol

cool which one?

You know I am not totaly sure. I am going to throw what the store has and see.

Cool, hope you get a great one! Have you tried the Cobra?

Eh there off in the distance with yomega, just goofy beginner yoyos. however they do make nice Daibolos.

I find rubber rimmed yoyos pretty novel

I’m really debating getting a henry also (viper flux), but the unserviceable bearing gets me a bit worried… I’m also wondering if you could change the stacks. I actually like rubber rims! Great for offstring, but for all other styles I see the dislike haha which one are you thinking about getting?

me? Well, I’m not really thinking of getting on for a while. I do like them, though. I have a few Tiger Snakes, one Cobra and I think one Lizard. I enjoy playing with them they’re not my favorites though. I haven’t seen the new line, either.

Btw I think rubber rims are pretty cool, too.

That’s the main insentive for me to get the viper flux ha I have a turbofly which is amazing, but from hitting the ground only a few times it has some serious marks. My Aquarius just broke also so viper flux looks pretty good right now, but ill only buy it if i Can change the stacks to maybe Yyf stacks or something. We need more 4a stacked throws ha

you can service the bearing. You just need some small wrench’s, to get it off the axle.

I have a Lizard, and it is in my opinion the best yoyo for an absolute beginner. At least it was for me.

totally me too! After my Duncan Imperial, it was my next yoyo and I really learned a lot with it.

That’s good, do you know if you can change the stacks to different brands on the flux??

I don’t really think they are going to interchange with any other hubstack design, I am sure you could get a modder to do so. Thats not what you where asking though.

I was hoping they conveniently would. I doubt it though, my turbofly stacks can use z-stacks so I’ll keep hoping the viper can use them too.

Actually when they were released they were fairly technically advanced for yoyos of the day.

The man just ain’t got no culture. Kids these days.

What about their new all aluminum yoyo? It looks pretty good. And back in the day Yomega was also cutting edge. They just need a little update, the axle system on those yoyos is awesome. too bad they seem to be made with the same technology as Diabolos(im guessing, I havent had a Diabolo)