First yo-yo review on Henery's Viper

I recently got a Henry’s Viper and I absolutly love it. It’s made for offstring, but is kinda fun to play on string too. It’s made of rubber rims and a metal core, giving it the perfect weight ratio. It has no response much like other offstring yo-yos, it has an adjustable gap. The viper is only between 50 and 53 grams and that helps me ALOT with catching it! The gap is really thin so it’s good to practice on, so you can land it on a bigger yo-yo when you move up to more advanced tricks. It doesnt make much of a noise when it hits tile, concrete, or any thing else hard.

Nice review! But to me the Viper looks to thin. But still, sweet reveiw!

I can see why its called Viper. Thats a REALLY thin gap. Add shims to that, clean the rims, fix it up, and you have a marvelous yoyo!

Looks interesting to throw. Nice Review! ;D

hmmmmm, almost at the bottom… bump, just want to let other people read!! ;D