henrys yoyos?

anybody here ever heard of henrys yoyos? i am debating wether to get one or a proto/northstar. i would like some feedback!

I have the lizard ant its pretty good td doesn’t have a long enough spin time for big combos but it will do for the basic tricks. It has and adjustable gap so it can be both responsive and unresponsive, but be careful if you there is a point where it feels like it is can still adjust but is is actually coming off. If you play it while it’s like that you’ll destroy your string.

Whatever you do I would advise against getting a lizard. I consider them to be nothing more than a paperweight. I find that Henry’s likes to do a lot of rubber rims, which can be okay if you are into that. I would advise against any Henrys since for the prie of most of theirs you could get yourself a DV888 or Cafe Racer, both of which will get you farther, and seem to be better quality.

Just my 2 cents

The lizard was a great beginner yoyo back in it’s day but doesn’t live up to today’s standards. Get the Protostar instead.

thank you guys! i was looking at the python, an unresponsive yoyo thinking it was the price of the cobra! oops. ill save up for the nothstar (like heavier yoyos)

sorry northstar