Hello there folks and thanks for stopping by this review.
The Henry’s Lizard was recommended to me by someone as a good starter yoyo because with it’s adjustable gap it can be made really responsive, like up and down responsive, and then completely unresponsive. After a few months with it, here’s my take.

Axle Type: Slider Axys: Synthetic bearings.
Shape: Wing Shaped.
Weight: 1.7 oz (50g).
Diameter: 2.375 Inch.
Thickness: 1.375 Inch.

Looks: I really like the color of it. Yellow with the black rubber rims not only looks great but has a purpose for grip and softer landings in case you drop it. In the day light, the thing just GLOWS as if it were flourescent! I mean you get captivated by it, kinda like the deer caught in the headlights effect, hehe.

Playability: This yoyo is one of those that has some limitations with regard to how long you can go. You can start out with super basic tricks but kinda crash when you try to do advanced combos. You can do split the atom and barrel rolls, brain twister individually, but not linked together as a combo. The bearings start out spinning really fast and then It just dies. Not enough weight, or rim weight to afford a good lengthy spin. You can’t do any kind of grind with it either, but you can do looping! Suprsingly, for an H shaped yoyo, this thing has more stability with loops than the Duncan Speed Beetle. For real. It has steady balance and very little vibe. Virtually no tilt unless your throw is tilted to begin with. And it has a decent catch zone.

The feel of the yoyo is comfortable enough thanks to the rubber rims, and its synthetic bearing system allows it to be super quiet. It’s an interesting yoyo, and looks very very cool. It does have the interchangeable bearing systems called AXYS, which you can buy separately to try out other feels. This one came with the synthetic bearing and as of yet, I have not tried the other bearings available such as the speed explosion bearing because I went on to try other throws. But I might do it at some point, to see if I can get better performance.

If you want something to just throw around without care, or want to try a different kind of looper, try it out. After all, its cheap and looks cool.

Any questions, commentaries, or if I left something out, feel free…