Henrys Lizard YoYo Review

Hi guys this is my review on the henrys lizard yoyo.
I have had this yoyo for about 2 weeks and it is definetley not the best and i would not reccomend getting it.It is a good yoyo at first and comes with a free book on tricks and some maintenence. The yoyo itself is extremely responsive na dwhen you open it up you cannot move andything so you cant movethe bearings response pads and all of that stuff. After about 2 days it had a sleep time of about 10 seconds so couldnt do any tricks with it .
Some of my reccomendations of it are the DV888 (Yoyo Factory) and Yomega Maverick (Yomega)

This pretty much jives with my experience with it. My son got one as his first throw.

Wow…it’s really hard to believe that a yoyo that came out 16 years ago is “definitely not the best” :o

Thanks for the warning…I was just getting ready to seal a deal for purchasing 8 or 9 of them.

The Lizard doesn’t have a bearing; I don’t think the little plastic piece even spins during play. In form and function it’s more akin to a fixed axle yoyo, and in that arena I think the Lizard still holds up pretty well. They’re great for doing stalls.