Sleep Time & Trick Execution with Henry's Lizard?

Hi.I’m using Henry’s Lizard for a few days.And i can’t seem to get a sleeper longer than around 15 seconds.Even with a good throw it lasts around 25seconds.I know this yo-yo isn’t good for sleepers but c’mon.I can’t do the most of the tricks.Am i not good enough or is it the yo-yo.Also what about tricks?Some tricks are immposible like the UFO.And i can’t much information about this yo-yo abilities for tricks.Could someone help me with how much i can do with this yo-yo.Also don’t say to get another yo-yo cuz i’ve got no kush.

Sry for any typos because English is my 2nd language.

That yoyo has a pretty narrow gap to begin with so I honestly wouldn’t expect a whole lot out of it when it comes to spin times. What is your skill level?

Judging from the look of it (quick google search), the spin time seems pretty normal.
If you want more spin time, clean the bearing with lighter fluid and then don’t lube it, lubing will cut spin time down quick.
There is plenty you can do with it, generally it’s possible to learn all the 1a tricks from this site tutorial but it may not be the easiest yoyo to learn with.

Will fluid for Zippo work?

Yes, excellent choice.

You can do just about any trick with that throw.
Its not the most forgiving yoyo, it relies more on your skill then on the physics of the yoyo.

The Lizard is a fun yoyo, but it will frustrate you if you try to learn tricks that require long spin times. I recommend focusing on learning Trapeze (with flying dismounts!), which is IMO the most important and fundamental trick in modern yoyoing.

Henry’s Lizard is a transaxle yoyo, so there is no bearing. Also the plastic sleeve cannot be removed from the axle. You can try and inspect if there is any dirt around the plastic sleeve and blow it away or remove it with a toothpick or something… but that’s it I guess.

One trick I did before on a different Henry yoyo for maximazing the gap is (do everything as gently as possible):

  • remove the axle from yoyo halves - you’ll need a wrench or pliers because it is usually tight in one side
  • remove the rubber O rings from both sides of axle and put them closer to the (screw) threads like shown in the picture (in the picture is a ball bearing, but lizard has an plastic sleeve of the same size… )
  • carefully screw the yoyo back together until the edges of the plastic sleeve are out of the gap (You might still see the edge in the half but it still wont get in the way). DO NOT overtighten.
    *just note that this mod will make your yoyo somewhat unresponsive and that this is not the best solution when you are just starting out. If you ask me, you should play the Lizard the way it is. The most sleep time issues are avoidable when you practice enough. This is a great beginner yoyo, but you will outgrow it very soon. There are just much better choices nowadays for the price… sorry for the bluriness

Thanks.Also should i clean the axle with Zippo fluid?And is this yo yo good for string landing?

Here is the Best trick you can do with Henry’s Lizard.

First pretend the Lizard is a Basketball. Then locate a Trashcan somewhere in your house. Step back several feet. We’ll call that the 3 point line.

Now using either an: underhand or overhand technique; lob that Lizard into the Trashcan.

That is the best trick.

…any really good player can go right up the trick ladder with a Lizard. <because they are already good, lol.

But even though you can learn some tricks on Any functional yoyo; the Lizard is not a Weapon of Choice; if you had a choice. It was kinda cool at the time it came out. Simply because Henry’s was making several interesting yoyo designs at the time.

So even though people will come into this thread and tell you All the tricks possible with such a Simple outdated yoyo design; on a modern day scale of 1 to 10; 10 being best, the Lizard is somewhere around a 1.

I honestly don’t think people telling you All the tricks that can be successfully done on a Lizard will do anything to improve your enthusiasm. Especially if you are struggling with simple tricks that others say are a piece a cake with a Lizard.

The Lizard is not a good learning tool. Unless you are learning the Limitations of attempting to learn tricks on a Suckeggs yoyo.

If you don’t have any money… PM me your address or a trusted Relatives address. And I will send you a few yoyos you can learn tricks with…


Now that’s a true man right there.

Dr Mo you’re such a nice guy :slight_smile: If everyone would just buy YYJ Classics for $10 it would be a great baseline for new players. I still buy one with every order from YYE to give away, different colors every time so we can photograph for the Museum.

Double post

Thanks for the offer but i don’t think i’m gonna take them.Give them to someone else.Also i’m not gonna be getting any new yo-yo’s but if i will ever get one what inexpensive yo-yo would you recommend?

There’s a bunch. The YYF Replay Pro (comes unresponsive, would require some thick lube) is quite a player for the money and can handle some of the pretty advanced tricks with ease.

I agree about the Lizard. While it may be a fun one to have in the collection, I would not recommend using that to learn past some of the very basic tricks. You’re only going to frustrate yourself. I was trying to learn off of a Mosquito which had horrible spin time. I was then going to try and use my Saberwing Fireball…again, not designed for today’s tricks and more than 1 wrap of string and you get a nice snag.

There’s some of the cheaper YYJ plastics that are good too but the Replay…highly recommend! Just get some thick lube with it. It will eventually break down or you can clean it when you’re ready for binding.

Since the plastic part cannot be removed - there is no much point. Unless you can see some dirt? Than you could blow it away or something…

This yoyo has an somewhat adjustable gap. If you unscrew it for example 1/4 of a turn, there will be more room to land on a string but it will be less responsive. By tuning like that you are basically choosing between too much snag or too slippery…

When you go through basics, check out the Yoyojam Classic + upgrade kit + bunch of strings, it can get you far.

Yeah, sorry for being misleading since I assume it has bearing, transaxle “can” be played dry though it will wear a lot quicker and in some cases like the fireball it can be somewhat unresponsive.
Depending on how much you wanna pay, the lowest priced “worthy” yoyos are PSG, Asteroid, Speedaholic, Ooch yo, these are only about a little over $12. Or you can get Magicyoyos which are mostly metals for about the same price. but you may need to import.

Yeah i was thinking about Replay Pro.But it’s unresponsive…

Why not? it’s actually common nowadays to start yoyoing straight from unresponsive. If you must have it responsive, you can always lube the bearing and it will be responsive, basically any bearing yoyos will become unresponsive if the bearing is dry clean (sometimes with little thin lube), and responsive if the bearing is lubed.

So basically if i wanna have a Responsive yo-yo no matter what kind i will always need lube?