I know this is retarded but my yoyo has "issues" w/ trapeze

I have a Henry’s Lizard and i cannot hold a trapeze for even 1 second i can catch it on the string but when i do it just dies help


hate the yoyo by the way worst ever i am soo getting a lyn fury or sumthing

Is it completely tightened? That may be your problem.

Just the other day I picked up a Lizard from a kid in the street. He had it cranked all the way down. I opened it up half a turn and showed him trapeze and double-or-nothing. It can work, but obviously not as smooth as a ball bearing yoyo with a big gap.

It could be one of a few things.


Work on your throw, if you haven’t gotten it down well yet. Just see how long you can get it to spin on the end of the string.

As king825 and Dafni said, definitely open the gap, but be careful, there’s a point where it looks like your string is safe from getting in the gap between the axle and yoyo half, but next thing you know the string is in the axle. Which is always a pain. remembers smacked fingers lol

If there’s a problem with the trans-axle, then I’m not sure what you can do for it. I don’t think it comes apart so cleaning it won’t be easy.

You can get it I’m sure, just takes practice. Though, upgrading will definitely help in more advanced tricks. I could do most non slack/ non master tricks on this site with my Lizard before I finally upgraded. (I still pull it out occasionally just for kicks)

Thx guys
I can do the tricks when i unscrew it a bit to make it unresponsive but when its fully tightened the yoyo will die out on the string
(it has a terrible sleep time which makes it hard)

It would help to get a slicker and thinner string.

Other than that, it’s just the way that yoyo is. I found Henrys yoyos good for Around-the-Worlds and stuff like that.