Trapeze Trick with a Henrys "Lizard"?


Hi guys

Sorry if this is a dumb question… still in the beginner mode :wink:

I’ll try to do the trapeze trick, breakaway works fine and the Yoyo even lands sometimes on the string - but then it stops spinning more or less immediately.

Is a Henrys “Lizard” not suitable for this or is my breakaway not strong enough?

If a Lizard doesen’t fit, what could I buy (I’m afraid now to order one, because the ones I do like seem to be often of the non responsive type which is definitely too early)? Oh, which one is the guy in these wonderful learning vids using? Maybe I should get one of those?




Andre uses a dark magic 2 by yoyo jam. The dark magic 2 is really good. It comes with a responsive bearing along with an unresponsive one. That way you can swap out when you’re ready.
When I started yoyoing I had a bumblebee… Then a friend gave me an unresponsive Youo. That forced me to learn to bind. And to be honest Binding actually pretty easy. I’m not saying “get an unresponsive” I’m just letting you know, learning to bind is pretty much just as hard as trapeze so don’t be to intimidated. :wink:


I learned unresponsive by going from a small bearing on my Dark Magic 2 to a large bearing. You can learn the basics of binding on the small bearing, and try it on the large bearing until you get it down, and then usually you’re ready for the switch. Definitely worth every penny and a great learning yo-yo. I now use it to practice a little 5a here and there.


Thanks for this answers!

Sounds very interesting, so I have the chance to learn the unresponsive thing too with this yoyo - perfect!

And your words give hope :smiley:

Thanks and have a nice day!


You may need to widen the gap a bit. It sounds like this is an adjustable gap yoyo and your gap might be too small.


I can do trapezes-and more-just fine on my Lizard. It sounds like you just may need to work on your throwing technique. Widening the gap like Studio42 suggested may also help. A new yoyo like some are suggesting will not necessarily make you a better player. Some yoyos will make certain types of tricks a bit easier, but you’ll still need to work at getting correct technique. Now, if you do decide you’d like a new yoyo and think that would help, fine. But make sure you’re committed to this before spending too much.


Just a small piece of advice:

Don’t be scared of unresponsive yoyoing!!!

Learning how to bind will take you about 2 or 3 hours at the most, and once you know how to bind you can really do anything you want. In all honesty, getting an “unresponsive” yoyo and using it for classic tricks is a great way to build confidence before you take the plunge into full-blown modern yoyoing.

Also note that any modern, wide-gapped yoyo can be made responsive with thick lubricant applied to the bearing. That means that any yoyo (even $500.00 titanium rarities from Italy and Japan) can be played by anyone with basic knowledge of traditional “up-and-down” yoyoing.

Definitely keep all of that in mind before you tell yourself that you shouldn’t move forward because you’re not good enough yet. Many people will tell you that yoyoing is all about having fun. I agree with that 100% and think that you should go ahead and do whatever the heck you want to do in pursuit of that fun.


Funny, when I was a child I couldn’t stand YoYo’s! Now I’m so fascinated with this thing.

Regarding my Lizard, if I do the trapez the gap seems to be too small for the additional string, if I widen it enough, I have an unresponsive YoYo ::slight_smile:

So your comments about unresponsive YoYo’s made me think the last two days. And made me watch the movies about the binding.

You are right, if I hit the string so often while doing the trapeze, I should be able to manage this bind thing with an non responding YoYo too, yeah!
Although it’s getting off topic, may I ask one thing about binding?

It seems to me that in all clips I’ve seen about binding, the binding works with a spinning YoYo. To be realistic, I’m afraid for me often the YoYo will be hanging dead on the string… :wink: Now I wonder how to bind a “dead” YoYo without winding it manually?



look up yoyo snap start.


Get a Yyf surge it’s a good yoyo that’s not expensive


The surge is made by Yoyojam, not Yoyofactory.


new here but I couldn’t help but register if only to post in this thread.

I started with a lizard too, then I got the speed explosion bearing for it, and when I managed to lad my trapezes I usually got a couple of seconds to bring it back before it died, so try working on the strength of your breakaway, it’ll help down the road. But that said it could be the string, when I got some decent slick 6 it helped me a little as well.

I also moved onto a DM2 which is great, but I noticed with the responsive bearing it doesn’t seem to like the front mount (brain twister) or the split bottom mount, but I just added a small washer to make the gap a tiny bit wider while still keeping it responsive which helped a lot. but the DM2 will took me from landing 20% of my trapezes to lading 90%.

my final tip for trapeaze is when you trow, bring you non throw hand in contact with the string right next to your throw hand, and quickly slide it along the string so the yoyo just hops over your finger.