The Flying Trapeze

I’m having trouble when the yoyo sleeps on the string, it either slows down really quickly or fails to balance properly and just falls off. I’m getting the hang of the motion of putting it on the string but it just won’t stay on!

which bearing do you have in it?

It sounds like one of two things-

Either you are not throwing the yoyo hard enough so it looses spin

Or your throw is not straight enough so once it hits the string, it leans more.

Working on those two things will help you out. What kind of yoyo is it?

Doesn’t matter. Don’t try to fill the kids head with nonsense, he’s learning god damn Trapeze. What bearing… Ridiculous.

if he’s got the slim in it, it might be catching the response. so don’t be a dick, i’m only trying to help.

I agree. He may even be using a transaxle. (A plastic sleeve around a metal axle)

i was just assuming since his “fav yoyo” in his profile thing said “dark magic II” that he was using one lol.

Slim bearing, transaxles, fixed axles. Whatever, dude. He’s learning trapeze, not Rancid Milk. Most yoyo players should be able to hit trapeze on two boards nailed together.

Practice is the only thing that will make these things easier, OP. The yoyo isn’t failing to properly balance itself, you are failing the properly balance the yoyo, ;).

if he’s got a fast 201, it may be near impossible to do a trapeze. my friend had one and if the gap isn;t set wide enough, it won’t work.

I can only assume that’s because the person playing with it wasn’t good enough.

I promise, it’s not the yoyo. Practice hard and you’ll hit whatever trick you want on anything you happen to pick up.

Stock 201:

Most yoyo players learned trapeze on a Dark Magic. Once you get good, it is possible to hit on anything, even an Imperial (Done it). But, when your first learning something like that, you need a nice wide yoyo.

Now, back on topic.

Lando, open up the yoyo. Spin the bearing in it. Does it want to move? If it spins pretty effortlessly then you need to throw harder. Also, for tilting, try re-adjusting the position of your hands so the yoyo tilts in the right direction.

If the bearing doesn’t spin smoothly, and feels like it’s got something in it, or doesn’t spin at all, you probably need to clean and lube it. There are tutorials in the mods and maintenance section.