Henry's Cobra Review

I knew that the Cobra was mainly for 4a or offstring purposes, and I didn’t really do any offstring then. I just began today, and it was smooth sailing with this throw!!! I don’t [personally] like 4a nearly as much as I like 1a, but it is fun for sure!!! This yoyo ca also be used for strung tricks, but it is light and has a very short sleep time under the circumstances. When doing string tricks, the Cobra is responsive, but, as I’ve found with most of my Henrys, is very stubborn and has a bad and recurring case I whiplash. Sometimes it’ll respond, sometimes it’ll spin out at the end of the string. Overall for string tricks (keeping in mind that the Cobra isn’t made for them): 4/10
Overall for offstring: 7/10
I’m not that good yet, so maybe my feelings and thoughts will change, but for now I think this is a clean, solo throw. Good for those new to offstring, like me.

Nice review! I like mine, but order a Henry’s bearing axle thing and it is a bit better!

thanks! What colorway is yours?

it has clear/ grey outer rims and a blue hub.

Yep. Mine is the exact same.