Review: FPM+Unparalleled Corruption


So I recently bought this yoyo from YYE and I’m glad I did! First of I’ll list a few things I really liked about it…

First Impressions: To begin the packaging was slick all black with its name in silver lettering. The yoyo was neatly placed on its side in cut out black foam with the factory string underneath it.

Appearance: I got the gray color with gives off a green hue under certain lighting conditions which is cool to me. Its finish definitely looks and feels like a high quality throw

Play Characteristics: it’s long spinning and very stable whether you go fast or slow

String Feel: A little lighter than a Shutter, but heavy enough to have a nice presence on the string

So as far as tricks go I’m by no means great recently I just learned the Kwijibo from Andre’s tutorials (I started from the very basics). That being said my throw definitely hasn’t been perfected yet. Despite that, the Corruption definitely has a stable and long spin allowing me multiple attempts at tricks. Probably one of the few throws I’ve been able to pick up for the first time and not have had to re-coil the yoyo from messing up and not being able to recall it back to my hand.

NOTE: I used Eagle Carbon Fiber String not the stock string it came from, not because it was bad but I felt like it deserved some of my nicer limited quantity string.



LSt me know if u want to trade it!