Cloud 9 yoyo string review

First I’d like to thank connerblanc for giving me the opertunity to review his string.
Packaging: The string came in a rather nice package for home string retailers, a little plastic baggy containing the string and a note. After removing the string I must say I was a little disapointed as the string had a red/blue/green color way. I personally don’t like this colorway because when the string is moving it looks like mud… but thats just me. Well, after putting a slipknot in the string (the wasn’t enough room to cut, this string needs to come longer) I decided to slap it on my hatrick.

Playability: The first trick I decided to try was hook. This was a very interesting experiance. Instead of my intended hook, the loop (that was intended to hook the yoyo) wrapped around my finger twice, then decided to hook the yoyo. Cool yes, but not exactly what I intended. After a bit more playing I realized this was fairly heavy string, not that you notice it weight wise, but it does mean the momentum carries a lot more. In short, if you intended to do a double laceration, it might be possible to do a triple. It whips fast too. I decided to see how this heavey string would affect the rest of my play. Jade whip was beutiful. Lacerations were a little hard to control because of the string swinging more than estimated. Revolutions seemed to be the biggest problem. The string flailed about and when I tried to end it the string just flailed off the yoyo (this was pretty fun to watch though). This string does hold tension pretty well. It’s not incredible but better than your average machine made string. There is also the problem of the slipknot. It’s a little… slippy. I found this problem to be more or less solved by running the slipknot under the sink and then breaking it in a little. Lastly I wanted to see how this stuff played in humidity. It did pass this with flying colors. The performace was only dimished a tiny bit. As for it not putting a whole in your stack of highlights, i’d say this is pretty accurate.

Final Thoughts: I wouldn’t call this competetion string, maybe it just doesn’t fit my preferances though. That being said, the slipknot comeing undone might make this string ideal for beggening mobius players (not for advanced for the whipping reason I descibed above). Overall this string is just pretty hard to control, it goes all over the place during most whips. However, though it may not be competetion string, it certainly was fun to play with, the over-exaggerated whipping and flailing actually were fun and open up some interesting possibilities. In all, this string is really fun, but not really for competetions unless you fit it’s extreme preferances.

nice string review.