Cloud 9 Strings Review

Alrighty guys I recently got an oppurtunity to review connerleblanc’s string. I got it today and played it for a while to assemble a review.


When I received the string in the mail the first thing to satand out at me was the packaging. While most other homemade strings are simply thrown in an envelope and sent on their way, connorleblanc took time to package the string in a plastic wrap and include a pack-in note:

“this string is made of the highest grade polyester that has been hand crafted and ready for hard core playso go play this stuff. if it frays within a 3 days send it back and i will replace it free of charge this stuff is even is so good we have played with it soked in water and still played fine
any comments or ideas for other sting let me know at

Now, obviously some effort went into actually making a note to include. My problem is the actual message is lacking. I would much rather read a note that had some actual effort put into it rather than a gramatically incorrect mess. Claims that it plays fine soaked in water are irrelevant. I dont care if it plays fine in a volcano, I only care about how it plays on my finger, right here, right now.


The string itself is extremely colorful. I’m sure some people appreciate this, but all I can imagine is the image of eating so many Skittles your spit hurts. Kinda gross.

Cloud 9
Chaos 122
AirGlow (snowbound)


At this point I had gotten over how gross it looks and moved into play. This string came without a slip knot, which is fine with me until I noticed this:


Seriously, the only people who could play this string with any sort of satisfaction are gnomes and little kids. Note that that picture was taken before I even put a slip knot on it.

Nonetheless I put on the string (which was 5 INCHES too short), wait a second… As I was untwisting the string to put it on I noticed the second fatal flaw:

Now this is not secessarily an issue with the string, but an issue with the maker. During our exchange of PMs connorleblanc had asked me if I wanted righty or lefty string, I said righty. Nonetheless he sent me lefty string, which means I got sloppy seconds that he didnt want to sell, or he just didn’t care.

At this point, I had my “whatever” face on, but i put it on anyways…

After that was said and done I attempted to put it on my finger.

THIRD FATAL FLAW: This string doesn’t stay on your finger for crap. I was literally scared to throw any of my yoyos with it on in fear that I would send one of my yoyos flying. Not a good feeling if you haven’t experienced it. I was determined to play this string despite all the issues, so I used an old trick to keep it tight:


This is going to be a short segment, because I honestly couldn’t stand to play this string for more than five minutes. The length was akward, the binds were lacking,and it was way too stiff and fast. Sure, some people enjoy fast “whippy” string because they are still learning whips, or it makes it easier with less effort. But as soon as an experienced person picks this stuff up whips are uncontrollably fast and uncomfortable. Thats as far as I got before I took it off and put on another string so I could enjoy yoyoing again. This string is now enjoying life as a bracelet on my friend’s little sister’s wrist. I think it looks better that way anyways.


Ouch!! :frowning:

You can’t handle the truth

haha ;D ;D

To the string maker… I’m sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention on the forums, so I don’t know who made it… but try using 1/8-1/4 of cotton or softer polyester.

wow. was i the only one who actually liked this string. lol. it stayed on my finger fine, and i liked how it was slippery and everything.

I liked the string, it was hard to do anything with but it was amuseing to play with.