cloud 9 loose string review

Hey guys. So a few days ago, I purchased the yoyo jam fiesta. After that, my mom said that I could not buy any yoyos for 3 weeks and I had to sell or trade a yoyo. So I was rather bummed. Then I found out that connerleblanc was asking for a tester for his new string cloud 9. So, I took up on that offer and hers the review.

First impressions~ wow this string looks nice. It has a mix of green blue pink and orange.

Thickness ~ in the cloud 9 string line there are a couple different types of string. There is a loose wind string, a tight wind string, and a thin string, which I will be testing. This string is around the thickness of highlights.

A color ~ as far as I know this is the only color type there is, but I might be mistaken. It has a nice blend of colors and looks awesome. For some reason it reminds me of cotton candy type colors.

Play ~ this string is an amazing player. It glides across your fingers like butter and is good for whips, suicides and slacks. It also seems to stay stock for a while which I like allot. Overall, I really like the feel of the string on your fingers, as it does not leave any burn for me, and how it plays.

Looks ~ the string looks great with the color blend. I love all the colors and how it melds together when in play.

Holding tension, ~ the string holds tension ok. It does hold the tension but not for that long. However, it is not unbearable like it happening every minute and having to fix it. You do have to fix it somewhat often though.

Overall, ~ overall I really like this string. It is great at tricks durable great for tricks that involve the string gliding across your fingers and has an awesome color way. Overall, IT’S AWESOME!

So that was my first string review. I hope it was ok and please leave feedback

IN the pics the strings are: top cloud 9 ,middle yoyonation highlites, bottom yoyosam 50/50

That was great, but watch the typos and grammar.

I had a much different experience with it. Did he happen to fix the length issue or are you short enough to not notice :wink: ?

it was kinda short, but not extremely short. i am like 5 foot so i would expect you to be taller as your like 16 right

I’ll be sure to tell him to make them long and yeah he is like 4ft 10 or something and he makes them bigger than he normally does already.