cloud 9 strings

I got these in the mail yesterday, all I can say, is that I cannot use these strings. The strings came packaged in the best string packaging I’ve ever seen. It comes in a little plastic baggy and comes with a note reminiscent of the notes that come with the VSNYYC Skywalker. The note states that these strings (cloud 9’s) have been played while soaked in water just fine. Now, that is awfully appealing, as with my standard snacktime strings tend to move slowly and burn my fingers in the humidity. Strike one, When I tied the finger loop, I understood why these strings held their ground in humidity. They are SLIPPERY! My finger loop would not hold, The slightest pull on it, would deform it. When I finally got a finger loop to hold, strike 2 happened. Strike 2: The slipknot will slide on your finger if you don’t absolutely cut off the circulation. That is just a huge pest, having to constantly move the direction of the slipknot. Strike 3: I threw a sleeper, something happened and the string completely came off of the yoyo and I got a metal yoyo to the foot. Upon inspection of the string, I see nothing wrong with it, I guess this is just some kind of freak accident :-.

Cloud 9 stings strike out, They played fantastically from the few minutes I used them before the string came off the bearing, With a little more work, these strings could be the best the world has ever had.

to sum it up, cloud 9 strings are fast and hold tension well, but they have too many problems for me, I’d be happy to test another version of these strings, on a plastic, when these problems are adressed.

i tried these strings tool, and i didnt have any of the problems with the fingerloop coming off, and the yoyo flying out of the string. as for the slippery thing i liked the feel of that slippery thing on my fingers. im trying different versions of it. ill let you know how they are.