It's Just a String review by DanishSauce.


First and foremost I’d like the thank Biggrob10 for being generous enough to let me try out his string!

My story:
I’m a novice having thrown for less than 6 months. I have only ever used YYE string and have been curious about others but always thought there couldn’t be much of a difference considering YYE is amazing and must produce amazing string right? Wrong, well, to an extent. YYE does make good string but it’s just a string from them. Having used this string I had never landed any sort of whip or slack besides ninja vanish a few times, plastic whip (but that’s amazingly easy), and the slacky part of gondola.

Well, after mentioning my interest in using new string I hooked up with Biggrob and, after a promise that i’ll be able to do my first whips and slacks with his new string, here I am now!

The Review:
Rob sent me two bundles of five string. One bundle of 8 thickness and one bundle of 6 thickness.
The string comes in an adorable plastic bag with a hand drawn bob-omb on it just like the pictures in XminusmikeX’s review. My baggy notified me that the string is 100% hand made one at a time. With so much care gone into the bag holding the string I was starting to wonder how much went into the string itself!

I received quite a variety pack which all really shine! Bright blues, greens pinks, and even one that looks like all of Rob’s neon colors mixed together in what I like to call the “Unicorn Vomit” colorway. All of the strings are bright and look nice.

Aesthetics are nice but what about play? After Rob told me I would be landing these unreachable whips I told myself i’d write this review after landing at least 3 different whips and of course when i got the time. My list was Iron Whip, Jade Whip, and Hidemasa Hook for now. Needless to say, I got landed all three within 3 days multiple times. I’m still no pro at Iron whip, but i can get jade and Hidamasa about 50% of the time now!
The string just seems to hold its shape and move effortlessly, it really is amazing for someone who hasn’t used handmade string before. Along with that it feels so smooth and doesn’t have the feeling that your might cut yourself or get a rope burn while using it! I’m extremely impressed with my new string and plan on making Rob my main string dealer if he is up for it :slight_smile:

-Comes long and unlooped! Great for figuring out how long your string really should be! Also gave me a lesson on how to properly cut and tie knots lol.
-Color and feel holds amazingly well! After 3 days of playing my new string feels and looks like it did in the package.
-Like I just said the string doesn’t have the feeling that you may cut yourself like new YYE string has.
-Only negative thing is that you have to break in the string a little bit. Right off the bat the slipknot feels loose and slides a bit when the yoyo is in your hand. This does go away after some play though.

All in all I feel like my eyes have been opened. If you have not tried Rob’s string I HIGHLY recommend it! The quality is just amazing and you will be helping out yourself and another great guy.

For pictures please refer to these other reviews :slight_smile:,34185.0.html,33658.0.html


Don’t get too hooked on custom string though, you can land those tricks on any string in time, Im glad you are enjoying yoyoing and progressing!