"It's Just A String" Review...

To state “a string is just a string” in a hobby where every detail matters to those who participate seems anecdotal. Like the individuallity each throw represents, the string is the connection between each user and his respective yo. Thick, thin, poly, nylon, blends, winding type, strand count, color, the list goes on and on. Each a preference offered and selected by an user to give that subtle feel or “connection” between his/her hand and their respective throw.

I spoke with Rob (biggrob10) via email several times showing interest in his hand wound, 100% made in the US strings. Rob offered up several suggestions and options as to what he could offer. In the end I chose a full 100% poly setup as I perfer the feel and durability. I assumed the wait would be quite long as this is made to order stuff but in the end, a week later, I had some new goodies in the post ready for some play!

As I unpacked my care package, the first thing you notice is the care put into the overall experience. Rob’s packaging is hand done (drawn) and really makes you feel like your getting something well crafted with that personal touch. All too often we forget there’s someone/something behind the design and fabrication of these things so it’s really nice to see that personalized touch…

Overall the play of the string has been great. Construction is great. They are really really sharp looking strings. Colors are vibrant and look great. Windings are tight and uniform. These strings have great “body” so loops stay well shaped (suicides, laceration, etc) but the string isn’t so stiff it feels boardy or unresponsive. They are solid without being harsh. Durability has been great thus far and Rob takes care of us big guys by offering lengths everyone can use. I simply love the look and feel on my Code1.

We all know strings are a consumable within this hobby so why not support a local guy who really cares about the product he’s offering. Everyone I’ve let try these says the same things. “Great string”. And it simply is. I hope Rob offers these long term as I really am impressed with the great stuff from this guy!

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I totally agree with you. Sometimes, I wonder if the string affects the play more than the yoyo. After all, most of the tricks people do now depend heavily on the string. Examples of such would be slack tricks and whips. Also, for technical string tricks, people effectively manipulate the string most of the time. Thus, it can be said that the string is actually quite important.

I won’t argue that the strings are important. Otherwise, it would all just be 4A without a string and that would look really goofy.

I think that it is a matter of preference. Yes, any wing-type yoyo can do pretty much any trick in the hands of a skilled player. Similarly, any string can be used as well. So, now we have to go into the preference for a specific model of yoyo for a player, coupled with a string that they feel works best for them.

This is why we have so many companies making so many models of yoyo. This is also why there are so many companies that offer yoyo strings. Or, to take it a step further, response systems, bearings and more as well. It’s a good time to yoyo as there are so many choices. The problem is for new people, it’s easy to get over-loaded with information. Just stop, buy something and throw! Learn, grow, improve, upgrade, collect and experiment with the options available

I’ll just stick to the serger thread and dremel tool.

Thank you Thank you, I love the Review and Appreciate the Kind Words. I am Currently working out the Material and Costs and will then be selling them, I’m working on making some stock to have on hand and still do The Made to Order thing… Also Currently working on some New Formats, Glow String, and might possibly try a small Batch of Solar UV String (Changes Colors in the Sunlight), might be a little expensive for most and is why it might only be a small batch. Again Thank You for The Review and I will Update people on when I will be Selling it. But until then people can email me (biggrob10@rocketmail.com) and I might be able to work out a sample package if not to busy, Including you too Studio42 lol.

I’ve only every used YYE string and want to try out a new company. Think i’m interested in Rob’s string now :smiley: Hopefully it will help me land my first suicide too!