Batryn's string review

Today we came back to school from the 1 week break and Batryn made a string and gave me some samples. Since I never did a string review before, I decided to make a review on it. By the way Batryn does not sell strings so don’t ask how much it is or how can I get it etc.

First look
I look at the string and the first thing I thought was " Man, it’s thin!" It is yellowish green and stiff. The size was a little short for my style but I didn’t mind too much.

First throw
When I throw the YYN highlights for the first time, it’s always boingy, and I don’t like boingyness too much. But this string is amazing from the first throw, it goes strait down. And also because it’s thin it makes the yoyo less responsive and now I need to roll or do some extra thing to in order to bind.
Now when I started doing trick is was good, it holds the string tension a lot more than YYN highlights. It also pretty good for whips and I land the wrist whip a lot more now. I also tried some suicides and I was totally amazed. The loop opened up so much that I could easily catch the loop with my wrist! I also tried some slacks and it was also good because it held the string tension well and it was a lot easier to do yellow airplanes than my highlights. ( search in youtube yellow airplanes if you don’t know that trick)

I thought this string is amazing and is really good for my style. I really love this string and enjoying yoyoing. Again Batryn does not sell strings so do not ask how to get them or how much does it cost etc.I will appreciate any comments ,dislikes, and likes. thanks! ;D


WHAT??? Okay… they were the result of an expierment. BTW, indestructible string is being made. (8 Months and still going) Does anyone want me to post my making method and string and everything?

you can Email me:))))) and what do you mean by WHAT

I want to try the indestructible string i can’tmake string very good. :’(

commonts on my review please :stuck_out_tongue:

Weave in around 1/8 of plastic string, it’s called invisible sewing thread. Feels like thin fishing string.

bump, replies on review pleaz

Good reveiw. ;D
I liked how you talked about the tricks that it makes easier.