Big Yoyo String review.

I made a trade with Big Yoyo, and he included some of his homemade strings as a deal sweetener. this is my review of the sweet string he sent me.

First Impressions:

Wow, very vibrant colors. The colors i got where orange, blue, purple, yellow, and a few more, but they are extremely bright and tangy looking colors. I couldn’t wait to slap the the neon blue string on my black/blue acid wash Skyline.


BOUNCY, is one word to describe this string. that certain bounce quality that a brand new string has gives you that amazing feel, that i just adore, sadly on most 100% Polly string that bouncy feeling fades after about 5 min of play. On this string the bounce lasted most of the strings life time.
It’s life time before needing to replace was on par with KittyString, YYE brand string, etc. I love playing (or trying to play at least) like Guy Wright. This string helped out my love of Guy’s play style with its superb slacks and whips. The string is a rather “Fatter” string than most 100% Polly strings available for purchase today. However fatness of the string did not increase responsiveness at all. It did in fact though give much snappier tighter binds. String tension was not a problem for this string at all, i found myself rarely needing to adjust the string tension as much as i do for my YYE brand string. The only thing i found i didn’t like about it was that it was a rather short string. I play all my strings as long as i can, but that is just a preference.

Final Thoughts:

This string performs like you would want it to, at a reasonable price, i highly recommend this string for It’s superior slacks, whips, and suicides. Big Yoyo string, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT

Thanks for the review man! Glad you liked it