Yoyosforbreakfast string review

                                                Yoyosforbreakfast string review:

I inquired yoyosforbreakfast about doing a review for his strings last week after reading his post. He responded immediately and sent them out the next day. He sent me 2 polyester (yellow and pink) and 1 nylon to test and review. Let’s begin!

Before use:
Both the yellow and pink feel really tightly wound and rough. Nearly no bounce whatsoever to the threads. On touch the strings feel very coarse. I’m not too sure if I am going to like these because I have found most rough string to not hold tension very well. These strings seem to be very whippy. The pink and yellow are both very bright and colorful.

I really like the feel of this string. It is pretty loosely wound making for soft and bouncy feel. On touch it feels light and springy and surprisingly whippy even though it is not tight. The white really stands out. It isn’t dull like other white strings and doesn’t have the kind of sparkle dragon string does. I already have a feeling this is going to be a new favorite.

First throws:
I chose to play the yellow first because it stood out the most to me. The string is a little short for my tastes but I’m sure this can easily be remedied. I threw it and binded just to get a feel for the string. It whipped me on the yoyos return to my palm, which is a constant problem I have had with too whippy of strings. I threw it and binded a couple more times and it produced nice clean snaps back to my hand. Nice. I threw it and did a couple combos. Very rough but also smooth and feels good as the string runs across your finger. I did a couple whips. Super fast. Not yet sure if this is a good thing or not. Sometimes when a string whips too fast it makes the combo less flowy and forces the play to go too fast. Hooks were very easy and I was even able to land a triple hook with it. So far really digging this string! I was told the roughness plays in relatively fast but still retains its whippiness.

So far I’m liking this string the best. Just by the 1st couple of throws I can already tell this string is a winner. It is soft and bouncy and has a nice velvety feel to it. Like the poly, the string is kind of short leaving not much room to customize your length. They feel a tad thicker than the poly strings.

After playing for a while:
This string really shows its true colors after it is worn in. It loses its coarse hardness and turns into more slick string. The whips and slacks stay the same and are still extremely fast. For whips this is a good thing because the string easily catches around the yoyo and enables the player to have faster transitions between whips and tricks. For slacks I don’t like this string as much. I find that slick strings like this (dragon string comes to mind) are hard to control during slacks. The string travels to fast and often hits the yoyo in the wrong part. Just like other whippy strings I find it doesn’t hold tension very well. Not the worst I’ve seen but could be improved. In my opinion it plays like a slightly thicker and better dragon string. 7.5/10

This string plays pretty much the same worn in. This string truly hit a sweet spot for me. It holds tension extremely well, whips at a perfect speed, and is soft. Most soft nylon strings I’ve tried have been super soft and too thick. This string is just right. Because it is white it has gotten a little dirty but other than that its perfect. 10/10

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