henrys M1 yoyo review


last week i got my new yoyo. It’s henrys M1, really great throw. I don’t know why people don’t like henrys, because they are great german company that make really high quallity yoyos. i got it for 54€ (70$) and it’s super smooth and best yoyo that i get for this price. it’s super smooth, got great spin time (almost longer than yyf proton) and is’s really nice unresponsive yoyo. i really like the shape because it really nice fits in your hand and it’s great for grinding


my english is not the best


This is a good review! Your english actually pretty great. I was just wondering if you knew the specs, like response system and bearing size.


Tis is the first review i’ve read onthe m1. Now anothernyoyo i have to get…


I don’t know the specs (google them) but i can tell you that yoyo have special D-size bearing, whitch is super smooth and gecko pads designed by henrys.
I’ll post some more pictures*


The spikes on the sides are for matador play?


the spikes are not for matador play, they’re rounded off and house the (wierd) axle system.


@lagwad you’re right, but this aaxle sistem have better spin time than most of yyf yoyos


couple pictures


Cool to hear something positive about a Henry Yoyo! This is not always the case but I personally really like my Python!