Videos that everyone needs to see.

So before you go thinking, oh its just those popular yoyo vids we see often, Mikhails videos, JD’s vids, Mickey house, etc…


While they are quite good, there are some really good yoyo videos out there that I think are kind of unseen with many of the newer players, just cause they are from an older time period.

But they deserve to be seen and respected.

So I got a few here that really should be seen.

SO lets go!

Tensor- Evan Geller.
Evan has an amazing style, very fluid and crazy technical.
You probably have not heard of him but he used to be sponsored by extremespin.
Unfortunately, they closed down and he was no longer sponsored.
I don’t know if Evan still yoyos, but this video will always be incredible to watch.

No ReAsOn- Perry Taga
Ah…Perry, Pretty unknown in the community it seemed.
But he sure put on an awesome freestyle at Nats 05 in 1A finals.
He freestyled while pogo sticking!

Stringfly- Caio X Martin
Very cool styles.
Very well put together video from 2004!

B3 may- Be free team.
Very revolutionary tricks.
Yeah this is from 2001, but the tricks are still crazier then ever.

Stringtrial- Quingwen
Unknown player but very awesome tricks.

Yoyo vid- Angga Praharsa.
Angga is a good friend of mine, and his tricks are very mindblowing.

Raiga house- Masataka Ichimori.
Prepare to be blown away by the epicness…

Picture- Tane
Incredible picture trick work here!

Thanks Takeshi- Ignitus.
Ignitus has such an awesome style.
Very much flow but old school tech as well.

Mushaboom- Anthony Rojas.
Yep, now I think many of you know Anthony, but before he was the famous guy he is now (XD) he made this video…

Attack and clap- Fedya and Stuff.
I got a ton of inspiration from this clip.
Amazing styles.

Yo=fun 2- Wingstyle.
Love his 5A stuff.
And his 1A is pretty awesome too.

Some video- Howie Chu.
Howie has a really nice style.
Really well thought out tricks.

Happy Fun Time- Takeshi and FizzX
Awesome vid! One of my faves when it came out.

The sweet touch- Drew Tetz.
Amazing 3A in this vid.
Awesome player.

If you guys want to add any, feel free to do so!



sooo awesome!!!

You forgot one Jay…

I find this one to be very inspirational… Just the smoothness and flow of it all.

This kid has skill,

Nice list Jay… I really like Attack and Clap but Formation is one every one needs to see too :slight_smile:

Nice list Jayyo.

picture seems familiar to me, but the rest I’ve never seen before.

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Just bookmarked the thread. Lots of inspiration from these vids.

Qingwen is from Duncan Crew Singapore :wink:

lets update the thread I’m very sure there are abunch of new vids out within the 4 years

My personal top 3:

^ Amazing editing, great music, great style. Favourite yoyo video of all time.

^ A tiny bit long imo, but amazing moves and awesome editing.

^ So damn innovative. Love the way Petr’s mind works.

I think one video that I have watched more than all of these was the Duncan Yo-Yo Viking Tour video. There are so many fundamentals and it shows what yoyo is all about, having fun! This video is what sparked my interest back toward yoyo.

Duncan’s Yo-Yo Viking Tour

“Tensor” was my favorite, I want to have a play style like that

Haha I just watched this last night! Uncle Steve is quite the character! Lol we love the boiled egg!

We had a FAAAAANNNTastic time enjoying our delicious bottles of FAAAAAAAANNNNTa lol