Videos and Product Promo materials


This may start to become a serious issue.

I was checking out the Phenomizm, but I can’t because the YouTube user associated with that video closed their account.

I think YYE, as should any company, have control over any stuff they are making available on their site. I’m not saying “ban YouTube”. What I am saying is that don’t rely on other people to have certain things available. Get permissions to host or post or otherwise have authorization to have access/control over the content so that what when the original goes away, it has no impact.

Make sense?

You can’t rely on someone else to keep something up.

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But you can’t really rely on YYE either, due to the fact that YYE has so much other stuff to do, too. I mean, wouldn’t it be kind of tedious if every product that they sell, they had to find a promo vid, and when they did find one, they had to upload it to their account? And when they had a copyright problem, wouldn’t they have to go through a lot a problems? It just doesn’t see… I don’t know… realistic, I guess.


Permissions can be obtained.

They don’t have to have a video for every product, but when they do choose to use one, they need to have it in a manner where they can have some sort of control over it. This way, random acts of “account closures” don’t impact the site as a whole.

For myself, on my site, I flat out own the rights to all video and photos posted with the exception of 1, which I have permission to use.


With Andre and the people that surround him, He can easily come up with any promo vid he could want. I mean his face is what brings the people to this site. Having his face in a promo vid would only make sense.

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