Yama18yoyo account closed.

Its a very sad thing, but for those who didn’t know, yama18yoyo’s youtube account, which has been the source for pretty much all world yoyo contest freestyles for many years, as well as all footage of the contest freestyles in Japan, has been closed due to copyright infringement.

I don’t know about all of you, but I had high appreciation and respect for that channel as well as Yama himself. Going around and letting your camera record every single freestyle isn’t easy, and Yama provided an amazing service for all of us who wanted to check out freestyles from Japan as well as freestyles from worlds.

Yama was not the only one who put up worlds freestyles, but he has been the only one putting up literally EVERY freestyle from year to year. And the loss of many of these fs’s is very sad.

Anyways, this is sad, but I felt people should know if you were going back to look for certain freestyles.

Best wishes to Yama and hopefully we can find those freestyles somewhere else in the future.


What is the copyright infringement?

Something about him adding music to the freestyles that he recorded. Not exactly sure, but something around that.

this just made my day… bad

Could be the performer’s music as well. Youtube doesn’t care if it’s dubbed in or part of the original recording, as long as they can identify it as copyrighted material.

Exactly. This is why ANY popular youtube channel should always set up a back up channel, just in case BS like this happens.

What gets me is the inconsistency YouTube shows in regards to “enforcing copyright” rules.

LOTS of stuff get put up there in CLEAR violation of copyright, yet some get taken down. Policy needs to be consistent. Granted, most of the people here don’t understand copyright laws and are in fact violating copyright with most of their videos(do you own the music? No you don’t, you own a license, not the music itself and the license doesn’t allow it to be used that way).

If YouTube actually properly enforce copyright laws, there’d be a LOT less content on YouTube, something like less than 20% of what’s currently on there, and of that remaining 20%, man, most of it is NOT good.

I assume that some things get reported in some way or another. Those then get taken down.

lets hope he has copies

Well, if he made the videos in the first place and then uploaded them to YouTube, the odds are decent that he has copies of them sitting on his hard drive.

I do lots of video editing work. I keep the source and the editing session files as close together as possible. That way if I lose the final, I can always go back. On this one event I do on a regular basis, we frequently edit the main projection, so it’s critical for me to maintain a history of what we’ve done in the past.

If my bandwidth could handle the load and I was on a new server/platform, I’d just host it for free.