an Instructional DVD


would it be bad if i were to collect all of Andre’s videos and burn them on a dvd and make copies to be given out with every purchase of a yoyo at our local toy store?


You will have to call yoyoexpert and ask or email. They are open till for on weekdays for calling. And they are very helpful! And don’t just do it you might get some copyright trouble.
Thanks! dingo


For personal use, do whatever you want. I’ve already downloaded them all and more.

I was going to compile it into a DVD, but here’s why not:

1: The copyright on the work itself is NOT owned by YYE. As such, YYE does not have ownership rights to the content. This is most likely because YYE was formed AFTER the creation of the videos, rather than BEFORE< and therefore, the material is currently the property of E-How, formerly ExpertVillage. Why this happened I do not know as it appeared Andre was in control of the video production aspect. Who knows, it may have been done as a work for hire.

2: Mechanicals. There’s copyright on content, which protects the work itself as a whole, such as each video alone, or in the case of compilations it can include the compilation. Many artists who own copyright on multiple songs(say, ALL the songs on a 12 song CD), but will also have an additional copyright on the compilation, which offers further rights. PLUS, now we’re talking about publishing copyrights as well. But, don’t forget the mechanicals, which is the TANGIBLE deliverables in their various formats, each having its own copyright. This also extends to this items which don’t have a tangible deliverable aspect, such as the MP3 type marketplace where they download what they want/buy.

3: The reality is that the quality will suck on the DVD. I mean, the quality is suitable for efficient web-based transmission, but when you put it to a DVD and what additional encoding and transcoding must be done, it’s just a train wreck and the quality is gonna tank.

4: Been there, done that, sorta. I contacted YYE a while ago regarding the ownership of the content as was informed they don’t own it. As a result, they cannot give permission to do so, and Ehow is not interested in licensing it for any sort of mechanicals. That said “give it up right there”.

5: Go ahead and download the videos and burn it to data DVD’s or make your own video DVD’s or put it on a flash drive or a media server. I download the videos, then make playlists in iTunes and then push what I need to my iPhone so I can have “on the go training”. It works great. This is covered by FAIR USE policy. I’m going to get some other media servers/TV-type internet devices at my house so I can stream from the master media server to the other TV’s in the house. This way my kids can easily watch whatever videos they want when they want.

Currently I have 32GB of downloaded yoyo videos from various sites. Mostly tutorials, but there’s some informational stuff, archival stuff and even performance stuff as well.


Good stuff there Studio42!

Another thing that this brings to mind – I spoke with Andre a while back and he had mentioned that an official YYE instructional DVD may be in the works and could release in the forseeable future. I’m not sure that this is still a project that’s being worked on, but when we spoke he definitely portrayed it as a strong personal goal of his, even going on to say that one of the original goals of the YYE store was to raise funding for such a project. So again, as Studio42 said, in the meantime go ahead and make yourself a DVD for personal use and cross your fingers that a professional quality DVD production is still in the works for sometime down the road.


Thank you!

30 years in the music biz, you pick up a think or two here and there.


what program do you use for downloading videos?


Thank you guys for your feed back. Figured someone might have wanted to do the same thing some time.

The thing is however, i dont want to sell the dvds. Not many guys here have the luxury of good speed net in their houses. So to deal with that, at my own cost, i dont mind makin the dvds. Just want the shop to attach the dvds with each purchase of a yoyo, an incentive of some sort if someone asks where they’ll get moves. And obviously i’ll refer them to

and studio, you say you have 32gig? I only have 8gig and i thought its alot. Where do you get the rest of ur stuff apart from YYE, Xela’s tuts. Jensens stuff, Jayyo’s stuff, Rethinkyoyo, Alexis, Grawd, Ibanezcollector and…ah yes, perfect elements?


Oh, that would NOT be good. See, now you’re distributing mechanicals, and it’s not about cost, it’s about licensing and ownership of the content.

If you want to make your OWN DVD for YOUR usage, it’s fine. After that, it’s a no-go.

Where did I get my stuff? Well:
Some of those I haven’t hit. I have some Jayyo stuf, Andre stuff, a little Jensen(not a big fan but I do have his 2010 and 2011 Worlds) and many more. I download down the biggest files, which isn’t always iPhone friendly, but then again, iTunes will just say “hey, can’t use it, didn’t load it” when I sync, so it’s all good. I’m not doing wholesale downloads of certain sites. Say, IbanezCollector. He’s got some great videos, but for the most part, most of them I’m simply not interested in downloading as they serve no purpose for my needs, but that’s not to say they aren’t entertaining and worth watching because most of them qualify on both of those counts.

Whenever I find something I think is usable, I download it and keep it.


Just listen to Studio. He know’s…


yeah I heard the same about a new instructional dvd from YYE, hopefully it will be early next year!!!


It varies.
I like using the SaveYouTube site for YouTube. For Vimeo, I’ll download if the video allows it(not all do). I have some YouTube downloading software, but I don’t really like it. I find using SaveYouTube gives me the choices I want and downloads it properly each time. The other software, well, other than the default highest version(which is often all I really want anyways), after that it kinda falls short.

For stuff that won’t let me download it otherwise, I have a capture package. I forget what it’s called. It works with darn near any streaming format. I forget what it’s called. It was free, and it’s well worth the money I paid, because it honestly isn’t worth paying for. The software works good though. I downloaded “The Game Has Changed” and while the stream looks better, this gets the job done.

I’d love to help product instructional DVD’s for YYE. It would be a great project outside of my normal stuff and since I’m really hooked on this whole yoyo thing, it would be a fantastic tie-in to this enjoyable activity.