Anyone seen this learning dvd

It’s a learning DVD by naoto okada. Basically breaks down practice methods and techniques.
Since he was a 4a world champ, I’m not really sure If its focused mainly towards 4a or not. I’d post a link to the Japanese store… But it would get deleted.

Why don’t you send the Link to Chris at Yoyoskills. Maybe he will post it up.

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… I shall…

I haven’t!

After an email to the Japanese store, they said he basically talks about practice theory and yoyo philosophy (also basic trick lessons)
The actual set Is expensive… Priced at 100.00$ :dollar:
Search naoto okada DVD to find it. :slight_smile:

I’m ordering it Thursday to see what it’s about. Chances are after I burn a copy with subtitles I’ll post it on yye bst for someone else to learn from.

If it’s copyrighted material - Don’t even think about it.

It’s for personal use, I’m not selling the copies lol

I would never sell the copies, only passing on the original to someone who would enjoy it for a fraction of the 100$ cost.

Doesn’t matter if you charge for it or not, it is still a copyright violation that YYE could be held liable for. Why do you think you tube scrubs the music tracks out of the videos you so willingly share with friends.

Selling or giving it away still takes money away from the original producer… :wink:

Bad Idea… Illegal actually. (If there’s a copyright, which I assume there is because it cost $100.)