Video Production Contest, hosted by PandaJoe.

I am hosting, and will be participating in, a video contest. This is not a contest for the best tricks or longest combo. No. This will be a contest on the most well produced video. I’m really sick of seeing videos that just aren’t good. Its either low string visibility, or bad angles, or bad quality, or all of the above. So, I’m giving everyone an excuse to pull out all the stops.

Since I am going to be competing as well, this will be a poll contest. Voters, keep the following in mind: This contest is about the production, not necessarily just the tricks. The things you need to look for are as follows:

  1. Lighting and string visibility- If these fundamental things aren’t there, then the video overall is just not as good.

  2. A theme or focus- Examples would be a rejection focus or a laceration focus. Or a theme such as an odd color scheme. These aren’t necessary but are cool subjects for a video.

  3. Multiple angles- When producing a yoyo video, the main idea is to show everyone that your tricks are the best. But you wont get the full effect of the trick if you have one boring, linear angle. Ideally, you want massive coverage.

  4. Special lighting- Specialty lighting, something that sets the tone of the video is good too. It isn’t a must, but it is something to watch for.

  5. Setting- Good setting: A city. Boring setting: A blank wall. Good setting: the woods or a creek. Boring setting: Your dad’s garage.

These are just some of the big ones. I’ll re-post these on the contest thread.

The contest will be two weeks from tomorrow, December 7. If you would like to be a part of this, PM me.

This could be interesting.

Give it a whirl!

Wow, never thought of a video contest this way! Great idea Zach!


Cool idea! Can’t wait to see who will enter, and who will win.

You guys should enter!

I hope too, but the deadline is cutting it close for me…

I think I’m gonna extend it to december 7th.

That would be lovely.

Im in for sure.

How long do the videos need to be? And I’m in for sure. :slight_smile:

I got my vid done! I’ll upload my video on December 6th. :slight_smile:

I might be in just to show what we Canadians can do. :wink:

This is a wonderful idea to show off the yoyoing community as it pushes the players to not only have yoyoing skill, but filming skill. and would I be able to use one if my cousin is in it juggling a little?


There is no prize, right?

A Job Well Done, and a pat on the back.

I’ve away for awhile, but i’ll update everyone now. The deadline stands at December 7th, there is no limit to length nor is there a minimum. Multiple people of multiple talents may be in one video. Everyone who is entering MUST PM me if they want to be counted among the applicants. I’m looking forward to this!

Where’s Gemo when you need him.

I might do this; gives me an excuse to film… sheesh

I already posted my vid…

Bump with an apology.

Unfortunately, my friend who was helping me was denied the camera, so even if I was to provide my own, I wouldn’t be able to edit it because of a weekend of volunteer work and upcoming finals, sorry.