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Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to all this yoyo stuff, and i keep hearing about how one yoyo is better than the other, etc… How can you tell that one is better? What do you feel while your throwing it to tell if it has vibe, etc? I just want to know so i can tell myself. Thanks! Much appreciated!


One way to test it is to put your fingernail gently against a stable spinning yoyo and check if it spins smoothly.


Another way is to just not worry about it at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Great tutorial.


Yeah, vibe isn’t really something to worry about that much. The main effect of vibe is the yoyo might touch your string more and slightly slow down it’s spin.


Thanks for all the feedback!! ;D ;D


isn’t vibe like a yoyo enhancement?


Ill vibes and Bonfire are my favorite yoyo videos ;D ;D love their acting

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As for the question of which yoyo is better, that depends completely on the player’s preference. For instance I like yoyo A better than B because it’s lighter and I play fast tricks while my friend likes B because he likes the color, etc.
In general most newly released yoyos in these past like ten years are really good to the point you don’t really have to choose (for the most part), and it will still outplay you anyway. Once you are good enough you will understand which yoyo suits you more and which is not and base your purchase on that.
If one say this yoyo is better than the other, it’s his opinion, don’t take it as a fact.


I think it’s like counterweight, or inner ring grinds


Well said


whats vibe?


Well third person to quote the video lol :smiley: