Very unpleasant experience with ATSS. Beware!

People are amazing, ya know?

See screencaps of PMs in posts below.

  1. I sold a Messiah to ATSS and told him I might not be able to ship until Monday
  2. shipped Monday via USPS first class with tracking
  3. 4 days later received threats of negative feedback and that he’d return the Messiah if he found anything he didn’t like about it because he was not happy with shipping speed
  4. I tell him to not bother opening it and send the Messiah directly back and I’d refund because I don’t want to deal with someone so unreasonable
  5. ATSS proceeds to threaten slowest shipping possible, offer insults, calling me a child, that I’d be in jail, Louisiana is inbred, etc…

So if this is the first buying experience ATSS has had on YYE, if I had my way it would be his last. And I don’t quite understand why he has 5 feedback (and my one negative one now) if this is his first purchase…

See attached PMs 4/7

PMs 5-7/7

I can see that the buyer is very nervous about his/her first transaction.

Unfortunately, your “solution” appears to have made the situation worse. What right do you have to demand this person return an item they have already paid for? What right do you have to demand action in any way from this person? How is it a “solution” to demand they ship back immediately with a promise of refund later? Are you paying for the return shipping?..

I think two wrongs do not make a right. Taking this public just makes everyone look foolish. You should have ignored this person’s comments until he/she actually asked for a refund. Then, you can act on facts.

Man is he impolite!

I appreciate the concern and this is by far not my preferred solution.

It’s a losing scenario.

ATSS is already planning on giving me “appropriate feedback” before even receiving the item, and is looking to find something wrong with it.

Why should anyone deal with someone so insulting? No thanks.

Beezy conveniently forgot to mention that he has already left me NEGATIVE feedback, even though he received my part of the transaction immediately after making the deal. This guy has a serious temper and should be avoided at all costs. Yes, this was my first cash deal on here and I am a tad touchy about it. If I would have known he was going to send it via pony express, I would have more than happily paid extra for priority shipping. As I said…appropriate feedback will be left. Not sure what that is just yet.

And yes…this experience has been ruined because of this guy.

ATSS the way you dealt with beezy is just so wrong. He waits 3 extra days to ship on the 4th (he has other things probably more important in his life than a yoyo). When he does ship you complain about the fact that he should be able to control how quickly the mail is delivered to you. Even though you were upset with the speed of his shipping, that doesn’t give you any right to insult him, his mother, his family, or call Louisiana an “inbred” state. Saying he could end up in jail is very uncalled for.

Both of you two are at fault for this bad transaction but if I was beezy I would also give you negative feedback just for being completely and utterly rude and offensive. Both of you could have easily resolved this and had a pleasant transaction but you both kept adding fuel to the fire.

Wrong, I mentioned the neg in the first post:

Seriously? I’ve being straight-up and have communicated 100% from the beginning, including when I’d ship. I just don’t take kindly to threats and insult, which is how you started in with me here:

The purchase was on the 1st, I shipped by the time I said I would, on the 4th via USPS first class. So what is the problem? Do you truly think your behavior towards me was acceptable?

I have never posted private messages before and was this is in keeping with the level of respect I feel this situation deserved. The responses I received from ATSS left me no confidence that I’d see a reasonable end to this transaction. And yes, this is dirty laundry, sorry to air it out, but I had to cover myself here because I could see this ending very poorly.

I’m still unsure how my first PM warrants an immediate negative feedback. It’s all good. You’ll get your negative feedback, your yoyo back, and I’ll get my $75 back to spend elsewhere. I’ll disappear from this forum and this hobby and everything will be just fine. Believe it or not, my “feedback rating” on a yoyo forum really doesn’t impact my life in any way shape or form. I have better things to do with my life than fight over a child’s toy.

That being said…

I have no tolerance for stupidity. Which was clearly showcased here. On this forum. By an angry kid with no self control.

I’m out.

Wow. The mods will just change the feedback once you’re gone.

If no self control means to seek help when given threats and insults then i’m glad he has the since to do such.

When you are dealing with someone of the forum you might not get the same experience you would get from a online retailer take this in to consideration and try to cut the guy some slack.

It wasn’t your first pm that was the reason you got bad feedback, it was that and all the other insults you sent him for no reason. You don’t deserve bad feedback but you had no right to insult him like that. Second of all don’t just leave because of an arguement you started that makes you look more childish and unreasonable, sure he should have handled this more calmly to avoid this but you started insulting him and you think that’s fine. In the end you’ll still get the yoyo so why even get mad? If you wanted to know what shipping he would use you should have asked him. Also I’ve dealt with people who take a couple days to ship and they kept their word so did this guy when he told you he would ship

I think you need to be more patient. Remember USPS does not ship on Sundays, so since he was not able to ship Saturday, he would have to ship on Monday. USPS taking a bit longer to deliver the package is not at all under his control, what did you expect? For him to use one day shipping on a YOYO? You were being pretty unreasonable with the name calling. And Beezy, you did not need to tell him to ship the yoyo back. Whenever I ship out something later, I usually apologize for it, not tell the buyer/trader to ship the yoyo back. I would have assured the buyer there was nothing wrong with the yoyo, since I have a long description of the yoyo up whenever I am selling something. You both did something wrong here, ATSS more so, but he’s also pretty new to this, and he sounds like he’s 10.

ATSS is just being a jerk in nearly every way I can imagine. He needs to make this right. Just a troll honestly. Hate people like this.

This thread makes me scared to ever make a bst… Haha. I hope that the other members on the forumns arent as … (Idk what word to put)… as this guy. In my experience every single person ive pmd have been nice and kind. By the way from the pms that i have seen beezy seems like a reasonable guy while the other guy…

I’ve bought from beezy before. We agreed on shipping beforehand. And it went smoothly. The product was as described. If a shipping date was agreed upon then it should have been adhered to. I’ve been late on shipping before but I always make sure to keep constant communicatio. So that the buyer does not get nervous or gets stressed out.

I do however beleive the buyer was out if line with his rude messages. Beezy offers a reasonable alternative. That the buyer return the yoyo. Beezy simply reacted to the sentiments the buyer was conveying. It sounds at this point that the buyer no longer wanted the yoyo. When buying used goods you have to be flexible and have some sort of leeway. The buyer in this case has been childish to say the least.

Not sure what the solution to this problem is but I don’t think Beezy should have given negative feedback or posted a thread just yet. Not until both parties agree they cannot come to an agreement.

OK kids, game over.
Everybody to their corners.