Very new need help


So I’m very new can just do forward pass Jamaica flag creeper walk the dog on my ProZ but when I take out the Metal Drifter all I do is bounce it around. I get a great sleeper. But I can’t get it to return so far I have bounced it off the floor twice denting it a little


Check out how to “bind” on this website’s learning section. It should help you learn how to easily get the yoyo back to your hand.


Metal drifter might be unresponsive which you need to do a move called the bind to get the yoyo back up.


I googled that and it claims you can make it unresponsive by modding it but it should be responsive


If it was playing responsive correctly, it should come back to your hand. If it does not, it is playing unresponsive. If you want it to be responsive again, you could add some lubricant to the bearing. Since you are new, I assume you don’t have actual yoyo lubricant so you could add some 3 in 1 or a really tiny amount of chapstick/ Vaseline (very small amount of the last two).


So I was just watching the video on how to bind. Quick question in the video he says sometimes you will need to throw it and return it to get the string ready for the next trick. I thought a gravity fall wouldn’t work on an unresponsive yoyo


What is happening is sometimes there is too much string in the bind, so it kind of snags up, so when you throw it, even if it is an unresponsive yoyo, it will automatically come back like a gravity pull. It depends on how bad the snag is but usually the snag in the string will come out in one throw, and on the next throw it will sleep at the end of the string like normal. Hope this helps!


Thank you


It’s brand new out of the package shouldn’t it be lubed already?


The fact that it is new doesn’t matter if the yoyo is not performing how you want it. If you are learning to bind, then don’t worry about it.


Ok cool I’ll try and get some lube and see if that helps!