Very dissapointed in my new Angle! Covered in flaw

I got a something angle, my second one, and this one is VERY messed up, and I haven’t even played it yet.

One side has a pretty and shiny finish, and the other side is dull and matte! Thats not all! The shiny side has 2 circular anno flaws and the dull side is a COVERED in weird, shiny spots and anno flaws.

What should I do? Why is it like this?

Ask the company you ordered from if you can get a return on it. If it is YoYoExpert it should be no problem to return.

I couldn’t get a good pic of the pinprick or small flaw

You should contact the retailer you purchased it from.

The one in the photo looks the same. I think it’s supposed to look that way. Ano not being a perfect science and all, not sure about the flaws.

I got an Anglam that had a circular machining flaw. Ordered it from Japan so not much I could do. But it definitely bothered me on something so expensive.

I had another one that didnt look like that, and its not just dull, its like a patchy blast with shiny under it

I have a small collection of Angles, and I even have that particular colorway. I would have to say that there is an issue that certainly crosses the line of what should be acceptable on a new YoYo.

I’m assuming it’s a new YoYo?..If so, it should be returned. That is not the norm, and for the amount of money you spent on this YoYo, I would certainly expect something far better than that.

^ That’s very, very pretty.

Clearly in the YYE photo, one side is shiny, and one is not. So, I’m not so sure what more to say on that part. :-\

I got a yo-yo, of a different brand recently, with that ano flaw spot and a few factory scratch marks. I contacted the store to ask if the whole run looked that way. It turns out the ano flaw was across the entire run, but the factory marks (little machine marks on the rim) were not. I returned it for another which had a better looking flaw and none of the other damage.

I guess it’s all about what you can live with. If you bought it new, I agree, it’s best you resolve it ASAP.

Gah people need to step up there game for Yoyo companies with all these anodized I am hearing these guys need to step up their game to get the ano looking better cause that’s the easiest thing to fix on a Yoyo IMO.

Ano flaws are not necessarily predictable. They happen. I don’t know of any companies that can produce a perfectly anodized run again and again.

One Drop… :wink:

Hate to say it but One Drop isn’t even an exception. Remember the NQPs? OD generally is very consistent though.