How to clean an anodized yoyo?

Ok. Just got a brand newArctic Circle 2 in the post and It has a lot of faint scum on the rims that will not wash off even with mineral spirits. Is this common? Is there a special way of cleaning yoyos?

Have you tried just plain soap & water. That normally works. Otherwise it may just be the ano job.

It is most likely just residue from the anodizer, it should have been wiped off but sometimes it can get overlooked in the quality control process. Try wiping it off with rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth, that always works for us!

If that doesn’t work it is probably an ano flaw and I would contact the retailer you purchased it from.

It looks like this. What do you think? You may have to zoom In to see. ait looks worse In real life.

Hard to tell from the picture, could be an ano flaw. If it really bothers you I would say contact the retailer you purchased it from. If you got it from us give us a call or email and we can see what we can do to help you out.

If you purchased it brand new from a retailer send it back, it looks like a shitty anno job.

Yup looks like an ano flaw.

looks like some impurities on the yoyo-halfs, which haven’t been removed properly prior to the anodizing process. The anodizing has then conserved the pollutions and I think there is no chance for you, to remove them without damaging the surface (so please don’t try it - you would only ruin the yoyo completely).

If you can’t live with it, you should contact the seller/manufacturer and claim the throw.

I have now returned the yoyo with a full refund. It’s a real bummer.

My ac2 has weird marks and like a milky looking residue in the ano as well… But my ac2 is a fools gold. The throw plays really smooth with no vibe so it has to be fg due to the ano job on it.

I’m surprised the guys over at clyw didn’t catch that with the one you purchased… But then again, some things are bound to go through unnoticed.

Are you going to look to get another ac2 or just get your money back?

No… Unfortunately, that experience has burned me a bit. I don’t think I will purchase another CLYW Yoyo again. I’ve never paid so much for again yoyo and It’s the only one I’ve ordered that was flawed. It looked much worse than the photo I posted showed. There was a dull gray scum In the ano over a most of the yoyo.

Every splash/drip/fade yoyo that I’ve ever seen has had some kind of mark or imperfection. It’s not an exact science. Solid colors are much more reliable.

Don’t buy YYR then. They even tell you to expect ano flaws. You’re missing out, but thanks for saving em for us

I wouldn’t say every splash/drip/fade has ano flaws… it’s just more likely the anodizer will have a flaw on a multi-step anodization.

Solids are simpler… BUT flaws are much more obvious on a solid finish. If your setup is not surgically clean, you are likely to find flaws.

On one color acid washes, it’s impossible to see what is an ano flaw and what is part of the acid wash, so these finishes are the easiest to do.

In my experience, two color acid washes are next easiest. Followed by Splashes, then Fades. Multi layer finishes like fade-splash, hand painting and stencils are the hardest of all to complete flaw-free.

Am I the only one who think it’s actually kinda cool? I personally won’t return it…