Ano Flaw???

What is an ano flaw, and what does it mean to strip the anodization (ano)?And does this affect play.

a flaw in the ano just means that there’s a small colour flaw in the anodization. Anodization is just the way most companies colour their yoyos. to strip ano, you take sand paper to it. If it’s done right, then it doesn’t have any effect on play, outside of grinds.

Can you recolor it?And will grinds be impossible or just hard?

Yes, but anodization isn’t cheap. It is probably not worth the

Then how come raw yoyos aren’t way cheaper than the colored ones, just a little cheaper?

some raws are expensive to machine

@potatobobguy; They do hundreds at once.

Re-color - Yes. You can have it re-anodized.

Grinds will not be affected if you do it right. People satin metal yoyos all the time to improve grinds. Satining is generally done by sanding the surface.