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What does minor annodization flaws mean


It means that the “paint” of the yoyo isn’t perfect. Anodization is a way to color aluminium


Anodization is how an aluminum yoyo goes from being the “raw” uncolored silver type color after it is made to being the bright, beautiful color it ends up being sold as. It is not paint, it is the process by which the actual surface of the aluminum has been changed. An anodization problem generally means that the colors are not as crisp, perfect, neat as originally intended. In the case of CLYW yoyos, an ano flaw is usually because there is maybe a spot or two of color that are not exactly as planned by Chris. Ano flaws have no effect on the performance of yoyo but are generally sold at a reduced rate (CLYW calls them "Fool’s Gold) because they are not aesthetically “perfect.”


Thanks I thought it metn that the performance of the yoyo was not as good I am define tilt saving up for this color