Anodisation flaw


Just received my Igloo,

And saw a dot as you can see in the picture. Is this what they call anodisation flaw?

I’m not sure if I can get a replacement, not very happy with the anodisation flaw. Although it plays like a beast! Love the Igloo.


In a color fade like that, you have little irregularities with the anodizing, I wouldn’t call that a flaw exactly. The yo-yo looks great, it must look amazing spinning.


Ahh I thought so too… It does look beautiful when spinning. Looks perfect from afar, bugs me a little when I look at it closely…

So… An Igloo in Chinook Wind won’t look the same as another Igloo with the same colorway?


I’m pretty sure they’re like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.


It’s not a flaw. It’s how it works a lot of time. Mixed color anodizing is not an exact science.

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Not a flaw it’s how ano works… Steve is pretty picky about ano so if it was even close to a flaw it would be bgraded


Do they take a look and test each return top before packaging them?

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Don’t see anything.


No they don’t.

Once they receive all the yoyo halves from the ano shop, they drop them off at a bus bench by the park.

The two guys that get the delivery of the halves are both color blind.

They actually have a little assembly shop. But no electricity; so they have to assemble the yoyos in the dark.

They used to be Piano movers. But one day while moving a grand Piano, they lost most of their fingers when the Piano lid slammed shut while they were carrying the Piano up 80 flights of stairs.

So, sadly, they are unable to test the yoyos for smoothness.

So they put each assembled yoyo into a gym sock and then slam the socks into a wall a few times to facilitate part alignment.

When they are done, they bring the yoyos to their part time job at Happy Burger.

And pass the yoyos to the Maker as he rolls through the drive thru to pick up his cheeseburger and fries.

No one ever checks anything for quality.

…It’s a Chilling reality check with no happy ending🙀

On a more actual serious note; I sent the OP a pick of my disassembled Igloo in the same color way. And it has the Same kinda dot on it. And I honestly would prefer the dot was not there. But it is not an ano flaw(at least within my definition of ano flaws).

And the yoyo plays so nice, I can simply accept minor things as part of the package.

And the first time I smack the yoyo into something; what seemed like something will fade to nothing.



It does play really nice! Yup, I would prefer the dot not to be there as well :slight_smile:

Other than that, it’s an amazing yoyo.


It Confirms what others say, that’s not a flaw, in a colorway fade is a normal thing that.


Yup! I would much prefer the dot not being there… It bugs me a little :stuck_out_tongue:


CLYW store has this

“We offer a 3 week manufacturer’s warranty from the day you receive your item. This warranty covers surface flaws, vibration or anodizing issues. You may exchange your item for a new one or get a full refund. We do not cover the cost of shipping to return the item back to us, however we will cover the cost of shipping a replacement back to you”

But I’m guessing you bought it from yoyoexpert. So not sure that applies here. I wouldn’t let the little dot get to you. If you really are enjoying it. Just try to let it be.


I really enjoy the Igloo. Yeap I’ll try and let it be.