Blasted shutter color problem

On only one side of my aqua blue blasted shutter, there is some kind of faint, darker shade cluster all around the inner part.
Is this something worth returning?

Sounds like an ano flaw. Never seen it on a solid YYF but many of my splashed ones have it. It wouldn’t bother me nearly enough to return it (depending on what it actually looked like I might be enough of a weirdo to actually think it looked cool/added character to the yoyo) and I’m not even sure YYE would accept returns/exchanges for ano flaw but I’m certainly not an expert on that.

You need to relax a bite. Between pin pricks and ano flaws you’re going to drive yerself nuts. The world of yoyos ain’t perfect.

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No. It’s just an anno flaw, and Shutters are only $45! Now if it was like a $200 throw or something, then you would have good cause to return it.