velocity vs n12 magic yoyo, and maybe dash...

I want to get a new throw and i was going to get a n12 magic yoyo ( im intermediate 1a, know most of tricks, but not all) but then I saw the velocity. Ive heard really good things about this yoyo, but is the n12 better? also is the dash better than these two? i kinda like metal yoyos, i want really long sleep times (dont say “its the yoyo not the player,” i know…), and no much vibe. the only reason i included the dash is a buddy told me its good… THANKS!!!

I’d only recommend the Velocity to absolute beginners who are yet to learn how to bind. If you’re already into the intermediate 1A tricks, I’d take the N12 over the Dash any day.


N12 hands down. Magic yoyos have a nice rep for themselves, quality yoyos for a low price, definitely blows away the dash and velocity

The N12 is amazing! Plays like a $100 throw.