Velocity problem

Hey guys. Yesterday i tried to dissasemble my Velocity . When i unscrewed the 2 halves one of the spacers remained attached to one part and the bearing with the other spacer were on the other side. By using a plier and moving gently back and forth i took out the bearing, but when i tried to get the spacers out they were like glued in the halves. I tried with pliers to but i didn’t manage to get them out of there. All i did was to damage the parts that the bearing stays on. Now , when i put my bearing on them it spins freely for 2 second (if i spin it with my thumb) and if i screw the halves back togheter i sleeps like for 15 seconds and makes a weeeeiirrrdd noise. Can you help me?btw i i take out the bearing and put it on some sort of axle i doesnt make that noise (and i spins very good) so i think that when it spins in thr yoyoy it touches something and so there appears more friction and it stops faster

I think you might have messed up your Velocity. I recently purchased one as well and was confused about the spacers staying in the sides of the yoyo, since a lot of the reviews mention it differently. However, I found some unboxing videos of new ones where this was the current setup on the most recent version of the velocity. Basically, I think they’re less spacers and more just a bearing seat built into the yoyo; the yyf yoyo tool doesn’t work with this setup either, lending additional credence to this theory. If somebody else knows for sure, though, I hope they chime in.

I don’t think they are supposed to stay there, because everytime i unscrew the halves both of the spacers remained attached to the bearin ( one near it and one near the other half. Like in that video of yyf on youtube i could take one spacer with a screw-but didn’t do that-) but now the spacers remain attached to the halves

EDIT: never mind… after reading the post another time I was giving you advice you don’t need.

Up:cleaned the bearing . But made the spacers look worse. Liek i said. The first 5 times i unscrewed it the spacers were attached to the bearing. But kow they are attached to the halves. Gonna save for another one

Btw. It is working only 2 or 3 seconds reduced from sleep time but it makes weird noises

Yea I think youll ned to save for another

Managed to take the spacers out finally. But now i got some fucked up spacers and a not working yoyo. Yaaaay. Gonna buy some spacers


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