Velocity or Classic


Another of my friends (not the one mentioned in my One Drop topic) recently bought his first yoyo, a Duncan Reflex. He can sleep it pretty well and straight now, and wants to buy a better yoyo. Which do you think is better?


PSG is better than both.


Is the PSG responsive? He doesn’t know how to bind yet.


Comes slightly responsive. He’s not gonna learn to bind on a responsive yoyo. Get a cheap unresponsive yoyo like a PSG and you can learn to bind in a day.


Of the two you mentioned I would have to say the classic.

I just picked one up for my son and it is responsive out of the box. Once he has some confidence under his belt I am going to switch the bearing for a 10-Ball and silicone the response. then I will teach him how to bind.


I’d take the Classic. It’s responsive out of the box but when your friend’s ready to learn how to bind, it’s just a matter of swapping out the bearing for a full C size. You don’t even have to change the o-rings for silicone.



Let me rephrase the question:
What do you think is the best beginner yoyo under ~$20?



Better weight than the ONE, fewer parts than the Velocity.

Ready to upgrade? Easier to get the bearing out and swap it. YYJZ Speed bearing is $6.99

Don’t like the response? Silicone it or use YYJ Pads: $3 if in stock. Silicone can cost up to $7, lasts a long time, can do dozens of yoyos.

Larger than a ONE. Better catch zone than the ONE. The increased weight gives better spin times. The increased size I’ve found also lends to better stability.

Works darn good and is upgradable.


YYF pads fit in perfectly as well and they always seem to be in stock.