My home boy needs some back up on first throw

Some my dude is thinking about getting a yoyo and its been literally years since i bought a plastic back in my day speed makers were the first throw to have and a few others but you know anyways! Hes looking for something extra cheap and unresponsive he wants to get straight into bind required throws and do basic level string tricks so ive heard good things about the psg and i like the speed maker a lot but thats Me i want to know what would be a good cheap first unresponsive yoyo

TL;DR whats a good cheap first unresponsive yoyo

YYJ Journey. Can be made as responsive or unresponsive as needed. Open the gap, clean the bearing.

The Psg is a nice choice!
Stack less grind machine is also a good choice, but I feel the stability is lacking( it is probably just me).

Good luck!

whats the budget?

list from price point

  1. psg/asteroid
    2.magic yoyos (literally any except desperado and magic strate due to their radical shape)
    2.upgrade a classic (clean c bearing and pads or silicone)
  2. sever
    6 dv888

I believe he said:

I can’t recommend the PSG very highly. I don’t know why that throw gets so much hype… for my money, the Classic with a spare YYE C bearing is the way to fly. You can play unresponsive with the stock O-rings, though silicone pads are going to be just that much better and make it that much less responsive.

But I’d rather play the Classic with O-Rings than the PSG.

At $30, the YYJ Trigger doesn’t count as “extra cheap” I don’t think. But the Trigger – despite some quirks, like being nutty loud – is the plastic (out of the ones I’ve tried) that most closely resembles a mid-sized metal in terms of play, stability, etc.

The whip is extra cheap and unresponsive

Gee willickers…hecka replies anyways my noob friend is trying to spend less than 20 total even after shipping

psg,asteroid whip,one,one star if your caan pay 20 and some magic yoyos

get a yyj classic, yyj pads and a bearing that can be found here

he said bellow 20 a classic with new bearing is almost as good

Mark are you talking about pegleg? Tell him he can borrow my m1

  1. Magic yoyo t5.

  2. $13 shipped.

  3. Aluminum

  4. KK bearing

  5. Best valued yoyo on the market.

6.Smooth and amazing.

  1. I play it everyday over my dozen $100+ yoyo’s

  2. Get one today.

Adegle psg is really good. $13 bucks.

Is the T5 really that good? Is it better than the Dark Magic 2?

A YYJ Classic with a replacement bearing and pads is the way to go. No need to splurge on a Trifecta bearing, just get a regular flat C-size stainless steel bearing:

Start playing the Classic responsive and when ready ready to bind switch out the bearing and see how you go. Swap the O-rings for pads once comfortable with binding.

The T5 is much better than a DMII but that ain’t saying much. I prefer most of my premium priced throws to the T5, but value-wise it’s hard to beat.