Vapor rings and Alchemy String By... Alchemy

Has anybody used the vapor rings in one of their yoyos?
Has anybody used alchemy string? I’ve heard its very much
Like angel hair, but it breaks in faster.
If you could tell me about angel Hair too, that would be good


Alchemy string is a whole different animal from any other string that I’ve tried. It’s very interesting, but in a good way. It does take a while to break in, and you have to be careful because the slipknot can come off pretty easily at first.

Angel Hair is super thin, but still good. It’s not my cup of tea, but it’s a favorite to some.

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Got anything on vapor rings?
Or as I like to say

i think i heard from avtrofwoe that he put vapors in my 888 but were not sure. anyways theyre great they give tight binds they are reliable and dont snag much at all.

edit:it could be vapor pad…

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The tension on alchemy isnt so great but it’s better after a while. Angel hair is REALLY thin but good for lacerations.

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Alchemies are currently my favorite string. I think they have a bit of nylon in them, which makes them feel heavy and sturdy. They completely blow polys out of the water when it comes to whips and lacerations. And yeah what JM said, the slipknot will tend to slip from your finger a bit as you break them in, but they last pretty long. They’re also pretty smooth on the hands once you get used to them, and they hold up great in humidity, with less stickiness and string burn than I ever experienced using polys. I got nothing on Angel Hair so far. It’s on my to do list…

As for the Vapor Rings… I haven’t tried them, but I have tried the Vapor O-Stickers. They’re pretty much you’re standard silicone sticker pad, very similar, if not identical to the YYJ silicone stickers sold on this site. I’d imagine, the Rings would just basically be o-rings made from silicone, so they may be more responsive than regular o-rings.

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I just got my vapor rings.
A little responsive, even shaved down,
But they’re good.